by Fred

Despite what IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has been saying about the sane world’s sanctions, despite their useful lefty allies’ constantly blaming regime’s thirty one years of innate Islamist savagery on the said sanctions, the reality is till now there has not been much sanctions on the regime especially from Europe.

Till now the Islamist Rapists have been having the best of both worlds.

The lefty loved prestige of standing up to and doing without European technical, financial assistance whereas the reality has been the opposite and at the same time passing the blame for all their own incompetence in managing a modern state on the phantom Euro-sanctions.

This Thursday Europe is set to put its talk of sanctioning the Islamist Rapists into action giving IRR and its useful lefties something to really be concerned about, a genuine halfhearted sanctions.

This weakening of IRR will be a half a step forward in combating the messianic Islamist menace at one of its fountainheads.


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