by Fred

At first there were rumors of it then came the public accusations, first made by the People’s Mujahidin of Iran.  With time many many others from different political, religious and social affiliations, even some who are the quintessential Joe/Mary Schmo have braved the taboo going public with their story.

And today the former Speaker of the Islamist Consultative Assembly, Mehdi Karrubi, released a copy of a ten day old letter to Rafsanjani, the simultaneous head of two of the powerful bodies in the Islamist cutthroats republic.

Having warned the recipient that unless he hears back from him within ten days he will release a copy of the letter to the public, Karubbi did so today.

The subject of the letter is the credible reports of many man and women, who while in custody, were violently raped by the officers of the Islamist cutthroats republic.

This is not any opposition group or people who are saying this; it is a lifelong high official of the Islamist cutthroats republic who says it.

Under the state sponsored monstrosity in the Islamist cutthroats republic, only in raping, torturing and executing, Iranian men and women victims are as equal as can be.



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