The emperor has no clothes

by Fred

Whatever the immediate outcome of the breathlessly fast-paste ongoing events in Iran may be, there are number of certainties that can be counted on.

1-The brutal indiscriminate reaction of the Islamist regime to the peaceful demonstrators lays bare the carefully perpetuated lie about the existence of some sort of democracy within the context of the Islamist republic. In no sort of democracy, if there ever were such variations, the armed state thugs are the judge, jury and executioner as has been and is the case in the Islamist republic.
2-The Islamist regime is innately unreformable. Knowing the precarious nature of its ideology it can’t risk any reform which will immediately lead to its total demise. No matter how committed an Islamist the regime-anointed might be the system cannot tolerate any meaningful reform.

3-The emperor has no clothes, the one and only who matters in the Islamist republic is the “Supreme Leader”, the rest including all the “voting” shows are window-dressings.
4-Any and all deals that are cut with the Islamist republic will be seen for what they are, cutting deals with an Islamist tyranny posing as some sort of “indigenous” democracy.

5-For the sake of posterity as opposed to the Islamist regime, Iran’  allies and predators have once again been exposed. 


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The Crowds Will Make History

by James Raider (not verified) on

The crowds are of such size that their “movement” is beyond the point of no return.

Change may be slow in coming, nevertheless, it will come.
Some Mullahs have already headed out of town.


باد مهرگان


با پوزش از ناصر خسرو برای دستکاری در بیتی منسوب به او

فردا  که بر این رژیم  وزد   باد  مهرگان
آنگاه شود عیان که مرد و نامرد  کیست



Here's why Mehdi - the light will shine on their crimes too

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

Plain and simple. They can no longer say "But but but look at the Moolahs!"


Lies and deceit by pro-Israel right wing

by Mehdi on

The brutal regime of Israel, murdering innocent people since inception, is all of a sudden an expert in what is a democracy and what isn't. How shameless of them! But then again we know that if there is one thing Israeli right wing does NOt have, is shame and decency. "Audacity, audacity, audacity" has replaces it with brutality and shamelessness! Go "take care of" yourself, you Israeli right wing supporters. We know you well. 

It would be a very good question to ask why Israeli righ wing is SO nervous when Iran moves towards more democracy and modernity. Why are they trying so hard to prove convince people that there is no hope other than bombing Iran? We sure know you well, you snake! When average Jewish people are happy and hoping that Iran will improve even more, why some pretending to be Jewish are so bent on starting a war which could also kill some Jewish people? Very revealing!


Oh really Fred?

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

You've been exposed by this unrest yourself, it should be stated. For almost 2 years, you came on this site and called Iran desperate and hopeless. Impossible to fix. In NEED of something, but not support like what we're seeing now. Not worth it to call on Iranians to participate and fight.
You suck Fred. I can't believe you. I didn't think I couldn't stand you more, but this patronizing this sudden "I'M WATCHING YOUUUUUU ENEMIES" is just so against the spirit of what is happening.
YOu're like someone who goes around putting stink bombs everywhere, like weddings and joyous occasions. You were always irrelevant and now is no different.


well said

by Anonymous wednesday (not verified) on

well said Fred. And I might point out again the importance of your last comment, Iran's predators. And I do not mean the western world. I mean the predators who infest Iran from within as well as the ones living abroad who seek to further the lies via, the IRI supporters who are the ONLY ONES who are destroying Iran.