by Fred

In the just released UN report on the horrendous state of human rights in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, it states:

"The secretary-general has been deeply troubled by reports of increased executions, amputations, arbitrary arrest and detention, unfair trials and possible torture and ill-treatment of human rights activists, lawyers, journalists and opposition activistsl

A worrying trend is the increased number of cases in which political prisoners are accused of Mohareb (enmity against God) offences which carry the death penalty.  

Despite a moratorium on stoning declared by the head of the judiciary in 2002, the judiciary continues to sentence both men and women to execution by stoning,”

How about a novel idea in the form of New Year gift to the enslaved Iranians, a Human Rights Centric policy toward their barbaric nuke aquiring Islamist Rapist tyrtants?  




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