Eid el-Fetr

by Fred

On the occasion of the Eid el-Fetr the following rulings were just handed down:

1-“No one shall accuse the entire establishment of unbecoming affairs”.

2-Televised confessions of individuals are “religiously, customarily and intellectually permissible evidence”

3-In regards to courtroom confessions implicating another individual: “it lacks Islamic canonical law’s evidentiary qualification and is inadmissible”.

The above rulings were not issued by the Supreme Court of the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic. The rulings were declared by a much higher authority, the Supreme Law of the land, the absolute ruler of the IRR, the Head rapist, Khamenei.

Unfortunately the absolute ruler did not issue any ruling or even clarifying guidance on the cases of those whose televised confessions were due to prior barbaric torture and repeated rapes.

Nor did the Supreme Rapist make life any easier for those who find every single aspect of IRR to be repugnant, wholly and demonstrably illegal. Should anyone objecting to any one of the established criminal M.O. of the IRR- lets say its raping men, women and children detainees or IRR’s rooftop sharpshooters randomly picking off peaceful demonstrators- he or she would be breaking the law.

The legal establishment is anxiously awaiting the Supreme Jurist’s ruling on the canonical admissibility of confessions which were prompted by kidnapping the detainee’s children off the street, a method very much in vogue with the IRR establishment.



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