by Fred

The Islamist faction of the Green Movement has succeeded in coaxing thousands of fed up Iranians to come out and face a savage response by the Islamist Rapists, now what?

Another question, even if the leaders of the Islamist faction of the Green Movement win back their lost power in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, what then?

The three leaders of the Islamist faction of the Green Movement have repeatedly expressed their goal to stick with IRR’s “constitution”, making IRR immune to overthrow and taking Iran and Iranians back to the “golden era of the Imam.” By “Imam” they mean the mass murderer Khomeini, is that what Iran and Iranians want, the good old days of Khomeini?

Another question, many of the leaders and managers of the Islamist faction of the Green Movement have yet to account for their role in the crimes against humanity during their time in power, when are they going to come clean?

When is the Islamist faction of the Green Movement going to stop using Iranians as their cannon fodder and settle their turf war with the winning Islamist faction of IRR like other gangsters do?

The Iranian men, woman and children raping, maiming, stoning and murdering messianic Islamists, “reformers” and all, are not only the enslaved Iranians’ problem, they are a clear and present danger to the sane world.

The only way to rid the world of the mass murderer Khomeini venerating, weaponized nuke acquiring messianic Islamists with announced mission to “manage the world” is to impose airtight sanctions which include blood oil and gas.

At this moment back in the occupied Iran, another “dud” with devastating cost to hundreds, perhaps thousands of Iranian lives is winding down. There will come a time when this too will be added to the long list of criminal charges which the Islamist Green leaders along with other Islamist criminal suspects will have to answer to at the ICC.  


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You have a lot of explaining to do

by Fred on

The National Iranian Oil Company Haji nuke lobbyist is a sack of Islamist liar. Haji knows when the time comes, and it will, gofers for the Islamist Rapists, just like this NIOC Haji nuke will have a lot of explaining to do.

Until then, for the zillionth time, using my own word, charlatal Ali Shariati devotee prove your charge against me that I am  “for war and destruction on Iran.”

Haji, your other lies are just than, typical Islamist lies which is an innate behavior with Islamists. 



Do not enter an arena about which you know nothing

by Mammad on

Stick with your "Mubarak the reformer" and "long live President Mubarak," and your lies and propaganda for war and destruction on Iran. Do not enter an arena about which you know nothing. Then, again, in your zero-achievement life - if we do not count advocating war and destruction - you have no expertise on anything!

The "managing the world" that you have stolen from someone else's articles (whom you constantly attack) is pure nonsense on AN part. No one takes it seriously and in fact the US and its allies mock him for that nonsense. It is only you who takes it seriously as another  tool in your completely nonsense scare tactics.

Being put on trial for calling on people to protest against the very regime that you constantly beat on war drums night and day to go to war with? You must have lost it completely after seeing what has happened in Tunisia and Egypt!! Have some yogurt!!

Long live Green Movement.



The only solution

by mahmoudg on

is/are surgical attacks.  these guys did not win power after 1400 years to give up as easily as Ben Ali or Mubarak.  They know the essence of Islam, this deadly cult, is in question.  So they are ready to kill upwards of 3 million to retain power.  The question remains, would it not be more efficient if the US/Israel/Coaltion forces kill 100K diehard, brainwashed basij to save 3 million????  The math is so simple, that i for one vote for surgical attacks to remove this demonic regime.  Once attacks are initiated the people will sworm the streets to take it back from the thugs.


I have to agree with Fred here

by mullah-kosh on

I have to agree with Fred as most of the time I do. There is no mission, goal, or strategic objective defined here. I know we all love to think that spontaneous events like this can lead to something more organized, and more threatening to this regime. Yes, that might work against the unprepared Egyptian government, but IR is always ready for these kinds of crisis, they are masters of it. Iranian youth are going to be tortured and killed without any result. There has to be an organized, and comprehensive pressure placed on this regime, hopefully, including United States Air Force and Navy destroying the basiji thugs, and their barbaric brothers IRGC assets, and forces. That is the only way. I wish we had somebody with some guts in the white house to pull the trigger on these IR animals. I hope IR does not get its hands on nuclear technology, a government that executes its own citizens every 8 hours, god knows what they would do to others.!