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The leaking of snippets of IAEA reports to the media prior to its public release has become a tradition. The latest upcoming report is no exception.

It has also become a tradition of sort for the different media outlets to highlight the parts of report which suit their political agenda the best.

So it was to no surprise to have the international media saturated with reports of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, due to technical reasons having had to shutdown, temporarily, their illegal nuke enrichment. What was lost in the attention grabbing headline was the alleged shutdown was only for few days.  

Moreover, the total refined nuke produced by IRR has now reached the whopping 3183 kilograms and being increased at the rate of 123 kilograms per month.  Also, and crucially, since the month of February, the amount of even higher enriched stuff which can be further processed for bomb has reached 23 kilograms.

The sane world is sleepwalking toward IRR having nuke. The messianic Islamists who have announced their mission is to do some “wiping off the map” a member state of UN and  “manage the world” having nuke is a recipe for disaster.

This is a preventable disaster. The sane world needs to help fed up Iranian people to overthrow IRR, the alternative is disaster.


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Islamist nuke lobbyist

by Fred on

The Islamist nuke lobbyist for the Islamist Rapists claims his client is not in violation of IAEA and NPT.

It is on the self proclaimed “world renowned scientist” to explain why his Islamist Rapist brethrens were taken to UNSC. Why there are six resolutions against, according to him, legal nuke program.

 As to the hit and run Islamist tactic, “will not come back to read your "response." That is fine with me, it is a typical Islamist attitude, make nonsense statement and leave it at that.

Haji is well versed in that tactic, when he is cornered, he takes the Islamist route.


Freddo jumps to respond

by Mammad on

I am watching my watch! Aahaa, right around this time, 30 seconds after me posting my comment, Freddo, who is on 24/7 alert, jumps to respond!!



Typical of Freddo

by Mammad on

Not only Freddo, the expert, continues his nonsense about Iran's nuclear program being illegal, while not being able to find one - just one, is that too many to ask?!! - quote in any of the IAEA or UNSC Resolutrions and reports, including the most recent, one that declares it so, but also,

he seems to be the only man on the face of the earth that is NOT sleeping - in fact, he is sleepless - over Iran's nuclear program!!

That is typical of Freddo. He is caught again and again, but he comes back again and again with the same nonsense, but has the nerves to call others liars or demand proof.

For a man who has absolutely positively definitely no track record when it comes to such critical and complex issues and no indication that he even understands the technical and political issues an epsilon beyond his typical rants, hallucinations, and screams, he is quite a boastful "expert."

Haj Mammad, the nuc lobbyist

P.S.: I will not come back to read your "response." So, feel free to label me anything you want, and say whatever you want!!


so much hot air, not enough facts


1. the status quo is  untenable. the regime is going to be its worst enemy.  the status quo will keep on being status quo so long as all the war talk and talk of airtight sanctions is alive.

2. the people who are rewarding this islamist rapist are those who beat the drums of war and airtight sanctions. 

3. airtight sanctions and all the war talk prolong the misery.

4. IRR is a paper tiger and is extremely venerable. this is a fact. only neocons ratchet up rhetoric and over blow regimes capability because it serves their war talk. it will not be IRR but the neocons who impose war on Iranian people. 




Yeah right 2

by Fred on

In the name of “not piss off the hostage taker”, the advice on how to deal with the proven to be unreformable Islamist Rapists, boil down to:

 1- Status quo

 2- Rewarding Islamist Rapists for their criminal acts, including raping, maiming and mass murdering Iranian men, woman and children

3- Continuation of misery for the Iranian people

4- Very real possibility of IRR imposing war on the Iranian people

Yeah right!


Yeah right is right!


One thing you forgot to mention or conveniently chose to ignore is the fact that the arsonist/rapist/murderer holds 70 million Iranians hostage. if they were on their own you might have a point but they are NOT. this is an important context that you are removing from your narrative. in a hostage situation you do NOT piss off the hostage taker and expect everything to be okay. and the iranian people did not ask for you to airtight sanction them or make things harder than it already is.


Fred, the sane world

by mahmoudg on

sooner or later will come to this conclusion that the Islamic Rapist Cultists are non-reformable, and after all said and done i.e. sanctions, debates, meetings, etc. the only alternative left is to surgically invite all of them to kindgom come.


Yeah right!

by Fred on

Lets see, a known arsonist/rapist/murderer with a bucket of fire accelerant in hand, shouting I am going to do it, is walking down the street.

Given the logic of IRR’s friends, one should not be “alarmist” about it. One should not ask for help. The hapless victims, i.e Iranian people, have to fight it off empty handed.

Yeah right!


How is this alarmist attitude going to help the iranian people?


seriously? how?  It will only increase tension and chances of conflict / war. for someone who hates messanic cults, you sound alot like them Fred. 


Sargord Pirouz

It's posts of this poor

by Sargord Pirouz on

It's posts of this poor quality which really makes one wonder if Google's Hebrew to English translator was employed in some way or other.

Definitely an example of work produced by "Fred" writer type C.