by Fred

Almost everyone who has been cursed with being overweight will eventually come to know the key to resolving the core issue is the golden equation. That is energy in, food, has to be spent in the form of energy out, activity. If not, then the energy will be stored in the form of the much dreaded fat. For some lucky few this realization leads to a much healthier eating habit in which caloric intake is lowered while activity is increased resulting in healthier much happier life.

Believe it or not the situation with IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic and some of its lovely opposition is very similar to the chic dieters who don’t like the extra pounds but are always looking for a shortcut to fit into that tight designer clothing.

By now it is patently evident that IRR is being supported and kept afloat by the most reactionary elements of Iranian society, lets say the fat cells. It is also patently evident that not only the bosses but the rank and file and even the marching crowds all in one way or another are financially compensated to do their assigned barbarous Islamist tasks. In other words, the overfeeding of the fat cells.

The Islamist Rapists pay for all their raping, maiming, torturing and murdering Iranian men, women and children with money. They also pay for all their international terrorism through the creation and maintenance of terrorist entities with money. Needless to say their weaponized nuke and the long-range offensive ballistic missile programs take lots of money too.

After exhausting all options including pussyfooting with charlatan Ali Shariati’s “good Islamists”, it is time to deal with the core problem.Before it is too late and the weaponized nuke program running, Iranian raping, torturing and murdering Islamists impose a devastating war on Iran and the region, the sane world has to intervene.

Putting the Islamist Rapists on a strict diet of airtight sanctions will quickly stop the overfeeding of their fat cells. Simultaneously and unrelentingly supporting the Iranian people with moral and material support will empower them to begin a healthy and happy life by getting rid of the fat cell feeder itlself. Time is of the essence.


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Q: my response

by AMIR1973 on

You state: "I assume you will be applying these to people who are routinely called "pro IRI" as well?" That's not the same thing. If someone said that you or someone else was on the IRI payroll, an IRI agent or operative of the Ministry of Intelligence, then they should supply evidence. If you had said Fred was "anti-IRI", then that would seem self-evident. If you call me "anti-IRI", I wouldn't take offense to that. There are people on this website who can legitimately be called "pro-IRI" and pointing that out does strike me necessarily as defamatory.


Amir, you're into "evidence" now?

by Q on

I only have the words Fred himself used which I quoted. He's on the record defending AIPAC and Israel as "good friends of Iranians".

No, it's not JUST the IDENTICAL position on sanctions (not the kind Makhmalbaf or any other Iranian wants, it's in fact EXACTLY the kind AIPAC wants). Beyond that, you can make up your mind however you want.

I am pleasantly surprised that you have found "standards". I assume you will be applying these to people who are routinely called "pro IRI" as well?



by AMIR1973 on

Q, if you have evidence that Fred is linked to AIPAC, you should publicize it. Otherwise, your accusations strike me as defamatory (I'm not talking in a legal sense, just in an everyday sort of way). The fact that AIPAC supports sanctions doesn't constitute a "link" either. I seem to recall that Mohsen Makhmalbaf has also advocated sanctions of some sort. The IRI has a history of accusing its real or imagined adversaries of being linked to foreign governments and then dealing with them harshly (e.g. Sadeq Qotbzadeh and Ayatollah Shariatmadari). I'm not accusing you of that, but it strikes me as an unsavory line to take (unless you have evidence to back it). 


What else are you going to say Fred?

by Q on

Refute the points on merrit? not likely. Admit "airtight sanctions" hurt people you pretend to care about? No, you want them yesterday.

Claim this has nothing to do with current gasoline embargo legislation, which just happens to be supported by AIPAC and Israel? No, too much evidence already exists of your naked defense of both crippling sanctions and AIPAC.

So if calling me "haji" and accusing me of "being on the payroll" is all you got, and you successfully resisted making STASI like comments about my real person, or attacking my religion or profession, well I suppose that's at least progress.


کلک باشی


حاجی جول و پلاستو جمع کن برو جای دیگه دنبال روزیت، تو این حجره حنات رنگی نداره.



by Q on

First, thank You Fred for making me laugh outloud today. I needed it.

I must congratulate the persistence on your part and also on the part of AIPAC. They are just trying to find the right angel to make this acceptable that's all! It's like a diet, now who can't relate to that??? It's just a way to self-improve, see no hostility or anything!!!

Gasoline sanctions are the answer to this "fitness" problem, right? Isn't that what you're saying? I mean those fat overweight Iranians waiting to ride overcrowded Busses and Metros of Tehran to get to work, should just walk, it's better for their own health!

And while you're at it. Eat less! Stop imports of any food, and ration your meals. It's healthy!

Who wants school supplies, computers or business machinery? Get out and enjoy nature for god's sake. It's good for you!

Why take medicine? With sanctions you can rely on your body's natural defenses for cures!

Even if they don't want these solutions, we should show "tough love" and deprive them anyway. Iran's rather behind on the whole self-edulgant "personal betterment" fad, let's push them along!


This must be somwhere around attempt #588 for you and some of your more recently arrived buddies on, to get the Iranian community to condemn itself to genocidal sanctions, enfoced by guns and missiles. If not Iranian community, then maybe a tiny selective unrepresentative sector of them which can still be used for PR purposes. But even that's not working now, is it?

The scary thing is AIPAC could actually succeed, and show that as Fred has previously said "AIPAC has Iran's best interest in mind". It might possibly succeed if it could actually show the slightest sympathy and connection to Iranians but alas people like you make it crystal clear they don't give a rat's behind about the ordinary person's welfare. It's all about "security" for Israel.

I eagerly await the next propagandistic formulation. Maybe you'll have better luck with that one. Back to the drawing board, my friend!