The despoiling rape


by Fred

Although the crime of rape, that act of despoiling, seizing and taking away by force is a fact of everyday life, when it comes to clergy as perpetrators it becomes a doubly vile crime.

As the case with the Catholic Church has proven, revelation of holy men as rapists is something no conscientious person no matter how religiously committed would condone or tolerate.

From the time of their “Imam” Khomeini to present day, systematic rape by officials in Iran under the rule of self-described holy men has been a verified fact of life.  

Teenage girls marked for execution for their political activities have been raped so they would not gain entry into heaven by the virtue of being “sinless”, virgin.  And the raping of other political prisoners who have  not  been “sinless” with reports of sporadic raping of men has reached outside world as well.

During their recent power struggle against the winning faction some of the ultimate insiders of the regime tried to use the verification of the practice as an added pressure tool against their opponent.

It is therefore no longer just the voices of the brave victims who have been openly talking about their ordeal but the crucial corroboration by the insiders of the regime with unquestionable loyalty to it.

Not only keeping silent about this crime against humanity is unconscionable, it would be sheer stupidity for opposition to the barbaric IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic not using it like successfully used against the Catholic Church.,38036.html


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Give them a few decades

by AMIR1973 on

Fred, give the IRI a few decades and they will reduce the number of lashes for having sex outside marriage by nearly 5%. Regards.


Amir 1973

by Fred on

But to be fair Amir, one must not give up on reforming such a lovely regime with over three decades of minor bad habits.

After all those lobbyists with “millennia” outlook and likeminded lefties who see fantastic progress being achieved by the Islamist Rapists in economic, scientific and social justice cannot be all that wrong. It just takes a "millenia" of patience.


From its earliest days

by AMIR1973 on

Fred, as you correctly point, this has been the IRI's M.O. from its earliest days. In a letter to Khomeini in 1986, Montazeri wrote: "Did you know that young women are raped in some of the prisons of the Islamic Republic. Did you know that swear words offensive to one’s honor are commonly used during the interrogation of girls?” Regards.