Death to America

by Fred

There was a time when IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, had no second thought about calling people out to the streets, least of which to commemorate the taking of accredited American diplomats stationed in Teheran hostage.

Nowadays the crowds are just bussed in school children, military conscripts, Basiji thugs, assigned allotment of employees from various ministries, factories and alike. Nevertheless the hostage taking occasion has remained as the symbol of the defining moment when IRR socked it to the Yanks and ever since has built its entire reason for being on it. 

As they say all good things come to an end, so it seems on this anniversary of the sucker punch heard around the globe which Iran and Iranians are still paying its hefty price tag, Islamist Rapists have a dilemma on their hands.

On the one hand warnings about this year’s marches coming from the Head Rapist Khamenei to his field rapists like the deputy police Chief Ahmad-Reza Radan of Kahrizak rape and torture center infamy indicates the regime is scared stiff of any large crowds.  On the other hand they cannot cancel the very anniversary marches they have made to be their hour of glory.

The irony is, some of the Islamist revolutionaries including one of the leaders of the “student” hostage takers who all became big shot Islamist apparatchiks/politicians are now languishing in their own regime’s dungeons as Yankee connected counterrevolutionaries. And the regime is scared of people gathering to shout the perfunctory death to America might quickly change it to the deadly serious death to IRR.



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