DC playing with lives

by Fred

It seems another round of United Nation Security Council approved sanctions against the illegal weaponized nuke program which for nearly two decades IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has been running in direct contravention to number of other UNSC resolutions is a foregone conclusion.

The problem is to get the votes from the veto wielding powers; the probability of the sanctions to be as feckless as the other ones is very high. In other words it will be just another feel good gesture which will have no effect on the Islamist Rapists’ game changing nuke adventurism.

The Democracy Central, DC, is repeating the past mistakes and expecting a different outcome, it ain’t gonna happen. The sane world just does not get what type of dogma they are dealing with; them Islamist Rapists are dead set on fulfilling their messianic mission which logic and sense has the least to do with it.  

When it becomes absolutely clear that this set of feel good sanctions has failed, and they will fail like the other feckless ones have, assuming IRR has not gotten its nukes by then,  the only option left to stop IRR from acquiring nuke is to use military action.

This wasting of precious time is at best incompetence and at worst gross dereliction of duty.

Before war becomes the only option the imposition of airtight sanctions in tandem with helping the fed up Iranian people with material support to overthrow their Islamist Rapists is a must.


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