A conundrum no more


by Fred

Year in, year out, in fact decade in, decade out the conundrum stood unresolved. Many books were written on the very subject, thousands upon thousands of talks, scholarly lectures and symposiums were dedicated to it. Experts in social sciences from all parts of the glob in conjunction with scholars of different religions took up the task as well.  

Many pseudo definitions, descriptions and explanations were offered and yet none seemed to hit the right cord for there still was a void a demonstrable hunger for an unqualified answer to the puzzle.

The protagonist of the conundrum denied its description as a puzzle, they rather took issue with those who professed ignorance of its definition and likened their questioning to some unspoken bias. The frustrated opponents who had had no success in discovering, unearthing a plausible explanation, let alone an outright resolution, called it an oxymoron. Some even went as far as assigning behavioral manifestation of the conundrum to its abbreviation.    

 It finally took its founder, the man who claims in his book and many public speeches to have been the very first one to come up with the concept in the modern times to solve the by now a conundrum wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

In a written response to 293 newspaper and political activists Grang Ayatullah Hosseil-Ali Montazeri in essence said his creation is “neither Islamic nor Republic”. With that declaration the mystery of the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, a republic which has a lifetime unelected absolute ruler and yet proclaims to be a republic with elected president and all that which it entails was solved.





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excellent write up. thanks.

by vildemose on

excellent write up. thanks.