CIA & IRR's nuke

by Fred

With CIA’s alarming announcement about the progress IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has made in its acquisition of weaponized nuke program, it is time to openly help fed up Iranian people to topple their tyrants and in the process save the free world the war which is being imposed on all.

Here are some of the things which will facilitate the overthrow movement:

1- Stopping the sale of crude oil which finances the Islamist Rapists’ nefarious activities.

2- Starting with Head Rapist Khamenei, International Criminal Court indicting the sitting and previous high officials of IRR.

3-Opening a strike fund to be financed by seized assets of IRR to pay for basic needs of the striking oil and other strategic workers.

4-Having the satellite companies pull the plug on IRR’s telecommunication networks and Television transmissions.  

5-Voiding all the insurance contracts covering ships to and from IRR.

6-Publicaly and repeatedly announcing to the Iranian people that no deal will be cut with the Islamist Rapists and should the Iranian people rise up, they will be backed with required material help to achieve their liberation.

Time is at hand to head off the war Islamist Rapists are dead set to impose on the Iranian people and the sane world.


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Thanks for the good blog Fred

by fooladi on

Suffice to say nobody denies the right to peaceful nuclear energy to Iranian nation. But it is only logical to deny a crazed murderer the right to carry  a high powered rifle! In fact I am confident Iran would have had operating nuclear power stations under any regime except for this crazed religious zealots who think thay have a mandate from allah to kill anyone they decide.

The sanctions against regime have been very slow so far. This is really due to self interest of western (in particular European) nations worried about their cheap oil supply. But since last year's mass demosnstrations in Iran and their brutal suppression by islamic regime, the world public opinion has been turned against the islamic regime to a point where the western governments have no choice but to follow the public opinion in their country. Hence these sanctions.

In my opinion, we Iranians living in democratic societies have a key role in ensuring the people where we live are kept aware of the attrocities committed by the regime against it's own people. These sanctions as limited they are, should be just the begining, not the end.




by Fred on

If it is any consolation, thanks to thirty one years of Islamist Rapists in action, many eyes have been opened and many have wisen up to that which you mention.

As for why those who are the beneficiaries of the Islamist Rapists’ looting of Iran would want to change the set up, it is now the question of national security.

Them Islamist Rapists are after bigger fishes wanting to fill in the void commies left behind and the biggest fish of them all does not like nor will allow it.

In the midst of it all the door is ajar for democracy to squeeze in which will simultaneously serve lot of differing interests except those of Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty lap poodles.


But why Fred?

by Cost-of-Progress on

Why would any country, specially those who are milking Iran, be interested in helping to make Iran a viable, progressive country? It is far more rewarding to see us the way we are than to help promote moving away from the status quo!

My view is that as long as we Iranians subscribe to the current assbackward ideology, beliefs and mentality, we eill continue to be taken advantge of. And.....when we it just seems like we may be heading in the right direction, we are railroaded because of the assbackward "doctrine" - typically by our own doing. 

Like I've said many many times in various forms: When one is willing to give will be mounted.....

My view, like I said.