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by Fred

Whenever the subject of taming IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic came up talking about somehow directing it towards some sort of civilized governance which given time might eventually resemble an acceptable non-Islamist savagery based system, the three lettered abbreviation was invariably mentioned as a very effective tool which had taken root in Iran.

It was argued although it takes much longer but utilization of the long lasting NGO, Non-Governmental Organizations would win the day and the century old dream of Iranians for living under the rule of just laws and in freedom would finally be realized.

On the opposite side some argued the preferred NGO route will not get anywhere under the brutal repression of the Islamist Rapists.  And that it would only identify the most talented socially conscious Iranians with leadership skills to the Islamist Rapists’ many suppression entities to zero in on depriving the freedom drive from their services.

A quick look at the saga of much hoped for NGOs in the past few years confirms the opposing view. And what the new second in command of the Greater Tehran Police has just said is the nail in the NGO coffin.

Alipoor who has an illustrious record in the service of the IRR against the enslaved Iranians has just said:

“Police organization is concerned about the lack of correct and sufficient oversight on the people-based organizations. There are instances of unrestrained administrative behavior … there is no oversight on work permit for these centers.” Therefore, the police force intends to “in a centralized manner” bring about order to these organizations, in plain language, bye bye NGOs.

The only lasting solution is to overthrow the Islamist Rapists who will never allow any freedom in Iran to germinate or peace to come to the ME.

Before they impose a war over their illegal weaponized nuke and other nefarious activities, the sane world has to impose unilateral airtight sanctions and at the same time unremittingly help Iranians to do put the messianic beacon of Islamist menaces out to pasture.




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Don't bother with engaging baba! this is more fun!

oops I missed Fred again... dammit

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It's easy to ignore people and call them clueless

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It's harder to engage ideas. That's why you're an awful blogger, Fred. The dead horse isn't just beaten, it's disappeared and decayed altogether. 


Clueless squad

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You are individually and as a pack doing a fantastic job, keep on truckin'.



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من هم وقتی‌ بای بای رو دیدم خوشحال شدم اما یادم افتاد که این بابا و نوشته هاش مثل قارچ ناخن هستند. حالا حالا‌ها مهمونه.

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broken record

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amusing nonetheless.

still miss bush or have you converted. ;)

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I came here to wish you well. The buh-bye in the title is misleading!


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Fred: the "Ted Kaczynski"

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