Bonfire of the Vanities

by Fred

Three snapshots from IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic:

1-In a television interview the “president” of the “republic” openly talks about exchanging three Americans being held in IRR with some Iranians in U.S. custody.

2- The day before yesterday the Chief Deputy of the Judiciary announced for the crime of “warring against God” nine more demonstrators will be executed, bringing the official number of those recent Anti-God executions to eleven.

3- Yesterday Tehran’s Prosecutor announced the execution of the nine would be Anti-God demonstrators is not certain, yet.

Does the sane world really think a system in which the absence of separation of power is openly flaunted by its show president, the lives of human beings are toyed with by two employees of the same organ is reliable enough to cut a deal with?

The sane world has to step in before it is too late and these Islamist Rapists get to have nuke to load up on their ballistic missiles to take the world hostage.

Openly backing the enslaved Iranians with moral and material support to overthrow the beacon of Islamist menaces is a must. Time is of the essences.


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