Before bomb bomb Iran

by Fred

An ABC News correspondent reports:

Sen. McCain has often said a nuclear Iran is worse than a war, so is a military option inevitable?

“I don’t know,” Sen. McCain said. “Time is running out. We’ve wasted just about a year but I really believe that sanctions have to be tried before we explore the last option, and the worst option is a military action. But the question is what is the extent of the Israelis’ patience.”

In the hopes of avoiding a devastating war, it might be hard for some, which apparently is the case, to appreciate the constant whitewashing of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic ’s activities is actually hastening such nightmarish scenario.

They might be generous with facts thinking the elusive “reform” will happen and not think of IRR as an existential threat to the life and wellbeing of Iran and Iranians. To them the Iranian men, women and children being raped, tortured and murdered by the Islamist Rapists might be just an internal affair which the hapless victims, Iranians, and the armed to the teeth amoral victimizers, Islamist Rapists have to "duke it out".

But when it comes to posing existential threats to other nations the generosity with facts has very little to do with what will be done to physically eliminate the threat.

Before it is too late and Islamist Rapists impose a catastrophe on Iran , Iranians and the region the sane world has to wake up. To avoid war imposition of airtight sanctions is the least painful of measures. Generously and openly helping the enslaved Iranian people with moral and material support to overthrow the beacon of Islamist menaces is a must. Time is of the essence.


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No Fear


by No Fear on

How is the weather in Tel Aviv Fred?

Mola Nasredeen

"Blockade This!"

by Mola Nasredeen on

Said Hazrate shotor.



by Q on

With out CASH and FUEL islamo facist regime will not last even three months. No need for bombing and bloodshed just a real sanction.

You mean like Cuba? North Korea? the Taliban, Iraq in the 90's or Gaza strip today?

What a fantasy world you live in!
We all have to thank heavens every single day that the fate of the Iranian people does not rest on the advice of people like you and Fred.


Ahmad Sadri on

by vildemose on


Simple sanction

by MRX1 on

does not work. You need real sanction:

1) Complete blockade of persian Gulf to prevent mullah's from exporting oil.

2)  Freeze of all banking assetts and transactions belonging to mullah's, aghazedh's , sepah, bonyad, and so on.

With out CASH and FUEL islamo facist regime will not last even three months. No need for bombing and bloodshed  just a real sanction.


Unbridgeable divide as

by vildemose on

Unbridgeable divide as always. On the other hand, if I see a dog and you see a cat, I'd expect we have a LOT to talk about. NO??


the israel propaganda

by nikoo195 on

mullahs are not sucidal. Dropping a bomb will unite the world indefinitely and it will be the end of it for the mullahs. Its common sense. 

sanctions do nothing to the elite, they dont care about the common person so they will let them starve and suffer. They justify it as a small setback in their quest for regional expansion and protection.



Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer writes:

 “Only a delluded Israeli faced with 24/7 propaganda would utter such nonsense.”

What mien Führer does in taking away people’s birthright to their country, in this case Iran, is reminiscent of Nazis and their modern day followers the Islamist Rapists.

It didn’t pan out for the Nazis lets see if it works out this time around.


What's wrong with this picure


An Iranian advocating airtight sanctions on Iran because somehow they think that it would stop IRR starting a war with Israel. 

Only a delluded Israeli faced with 24/7 propaganda would utter such nonsense. 

Lets face facts:

A) Iran will not start a war with Israel or drop nuclear weapons on Tel Aviv. 

B) Airtight sanctions will not help topple this regime. It will only hurt the people most.