Blew it big time

by Fred

The hopes and wishes of a nation intent on achieving freedom through any which way but violence and subterfuge has once again been taken advantage of and crushed. The Islamist republic has just proven it yet again that even in the broadest of definition and in the custody of its own most loyal of followers it is incapable of reform.

Regime might now cut a deal with the West but it just made it clear to the Iranians, and all Iranians, that it is not reformable and for that the nation of Iran can be proud for giving the regime one last, undeserved as it was, chance to prove them wrong.

Change is on the horizon, it might not be through the desired route or pretty but change that will lead up to the demise of this cancerous Islamist regime is coming. This was the very last chance for a snail-paced, measured and peaceful transformation of the unwanted Islamist republic and the regime blew it big time.


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Thank you Fred

by AnonymousX (not verified) on

Well said. Note that regime supporters have now added "Rafsanjani" to the list of traitors!

Funny isn't it?


Translation: Uncle Sam and Israel, please bomb Iran

by Anonymous Dude (not verified) on

The so-called "opposition" (meaning the followers of Pahlavi, Rajavi, and Rafsanjani) is trying to spin its abject failure at getting people to boycott the elections. Realizing that they lack popular support outside of north Tehran, they are now resuming their policy of agitating for a U.S./Israeli bombing of Iran and a U.S.-sponsored campaign of insurgency among the Jondollah, Pejak, "Ahwazi" separatists, and Mojahedin-e Khalq. Expect the same level of failure taking this route as they met with their failed calls for a "boycott".