Black Wednesdays

by Fred

The case of Sakined M. Ashtiani, the woman IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, is dead set on murdering is back on the news, again.

Of course she is the woman who was to be stoned to death for the capital crime of “adultery”. The absurd nature of the crime nor the severity of punishment for what is essentially a sexual act between two consenting adult was not the issue. However, the method of murdering her was.

Stoning is the barbaric act which Islamist Rapists use every now and then to both put an extra measure of fear into the fed up Iranians and also as an act of devotion to the essence of their savage dogma.

After the international uproar over the planned stoning, the Islamist Rapists quickly changed their tactic and tacked on a new charge of murder to Sakineh’s original offense of “adultery”.

So now they are about to murder her by execution. As an Iranian lady defense lawyer said in an interview recently, for the condemned to death and the concerned human rights activists in Iran, Wednesdays are black days. Apparently, more than on any other day, Islamist Rapists like to murder their Iranian preys on Wednesdays.

Today is Wednesday. 


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