Bibi on IRR's nuke

by Fred

Bibi Netanyahu read aloud some of the activities the Islamist Rapist Republic, is busy with worldwide. And then talking about IRR's drive to get weaponized nuke, he said: “Imagine what they would do with it”

Well, have you imagined what those messianic Islamist Rapists would do with nuke?

Before things get out of hand, airtight the sanctions and help Iranians with material support to overthrow IRR.   


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I have the solution

by Escape on

The US should just tell Isreal that as soon it is detected Iran has a Nuke,the green light is on....

For well,,,,,,you know what...

Meanwhile we can all forget about monkey and his morons..

Ahh if only the terrorist problem was solved so easily!


Self-destruct mode

by Fred on

When innate hatred of other(s), is more than loving one’s own, no power on earth can save such mentality from the self-destruct mode it is on.


Do as I say, not as I do!

by MM on


Hoshang Targol

the Adult in the Room, Rebuffs Israeli, [ Juan Cole]

by Hoshang Targol on

Gates, the Adult in the Room, Rebuffs Israeli, Republican Warmongering on Iran

The Military-Industrial-Israel Complex is baaack.

The victory of the War Party– … ooops, I mean the Republican Party–
at the polls on November 2 was sure to embolden Israeli hawks, since the
latter are essentially rightwing Republicans whenever they visit the
United States. And, so many of the new members of the House of
Representatives are Christian Zionists who appear to believe that
Jehovah hasn’t smited the poor Palestinians (I mean Amalekites)
sufficiently to ensure the return of baby Jay-sus. More smiting, they
say, is in order.

The harbingers of emboldening were clearly visible in Halifax,
Canada, when Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak spoke there on
Saturday. He decried the ineffectiveness of economic sanctions on Iran
in deterring its nuclear enrichment program, making a glib assumption
that Iran is a North Korea determined to possess a nuclear bomb.
Comically, Barak warned that if Iran did get a nuclear weapon, then
everyone in the Middle East would want one, and non-proliferation would
be dead.

But of course it is Israel’s own nuclear arsenal that kicked off the
arms race in the Middle East, and it is comical for Barak to worry about
a Non-Proliferation Treaty Israel never signed and the ideals of which
Tel Aviv has wantonly trampled upon. Nor is it true that Israel has a
no-first-use policy; it has never announced any such thing. Indeed, its
leaders issued only slightly veiled threats to nuke Baghdad at the
outset of the Bush invasion of Iraq, were Saddam Hussein to try to send
gas-tipped SCUDs at Tel Aviv.

Moreover, while it may be “clear” to Barak that Iran is trying to
construct a nuclear warhead, there is no evidence to back up this
allegation. The International Atomic Energy Agency has certified only
this spring that no nuclear material has been diverted from civilian
purposes at the Natanz enrichment facility. Two National Intelligence
Estimates in a row, 2007 and 2009, have assessed that Iran has no
nuclear weapons program. The suspicious are reduced to positing hidden
sites and sites in tunnels, etc. But making nuclear bombs uses a lot of
water and electricity and would produce activities visible to
satellites and susceptible of electronic surveillance. In short,
“everybody knows” or Barak’s certitude will not cut it as a basis for
going to war, especially after Mossad (Israeli intelligence) misled the
US about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And, of course, the generals, who know about war and military capabilities, completely disagree with Barak.

Barak sounded restrained compared to Republican Lindsey Graham,
who said “containment is off the table.” That is, it is unacceptable
to him to deal with Iran as the US dealt with the Soviet Union. (Why?
Because Khamenei is worse than Stalin. How?) Not to mention that
unlike the Soviet Union, Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon. But, oh, I
see. That is why you don’t need to contain it. You can just
take it out. It is brilliant. Iran’s non-existent, imaginary nuke is at
the same time what makes war necessary and what makes it possible. An
actual Iranian nuke would put war talk off the table.

Graham said that in the war of the US on Iran, the US military should
“not to just neutralize their nuclear program, but to sink their navy,
destroy their air force and deliver a decisive blow to the Revolutionary
Guard, in other words neuter that regime.”

Graham is a vet and usually is well informed on military affairs, but
this remark demonstrates an alarming ignorance about Iran alongside an
alarming hole in the center of his soul that makes him want to launch
aggressive wars and kill tens of thousands of strangers to prove his

Iran has no air force to speak of,
nor much of a navy. The Iranian military budget is around the same as
that of Singapore or Norway, and is the smallest per capita in the
Persian Gulf save for the United Arab Emirates. The Revolutionary
Guards are a poorly equipped national guard. Revolutionary Iran’s
strength has all along been asymmetrical, and the US military is simply
not capable of ‘neutering’ Iran’s capabilities in this regard. Graham’s
musings are so inaccurate in their view of Iran’s military as to be
comical, which is why the Iranian foreign minister speculated that ol’
Lindsey was just joshin’ us.

The third volley came on Sunday from Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who told Vice President Joe Biden that economic sanctions are insufficient, and that some military threat must be trained on Iran to make it give up its nuclear enrichment program.

The problem is that if you draw a gun on someone, and they ignore you
or rush you, you may have to use it to retain credibility. Military
threats can easily escalate out of control, which is what Netanyahu is
counting on.

While the Israeli hawks will no doubt hear a Greek chorus of
accolades for their warmongering from the House of Representatives, the
Obama administration has their number.

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates
(from the small sane wing of the Republican Party) publicly rebuked
Netanyahu. Gates said as a security conference in Melbourne, Australia,
wrapped up,

‘ “We know that they are concerned about the impact of
the sanctions. The sanctions are biting more deeply than they
anticipated and we are working very hard at this … So I would disagree
that only a credible military threat can get Iran to take the actions it
needs to to end its nuclear weapons programme… We are prepared to do
what is necessary but at this point we continue to believe that the
political-economic approach that we taking is in fact having an impact
in Iran.”


I reiterate that at this juncture, an American war with Iran might just about finish off our Republic.


Imagine Bibi without Nukes - no more crying wolf?


While we are using our imagination let us too imagine Israel and Bibi without nukes. A less arrogant and more humble foreign policy for Israel.

Yes, his manipulative instincts would not go away, or his thirst to “beat them up, not once but repeatedly, beat them up so it hurts so badly, until it’s unbearable” (referring to the Palestinians) maybe he would come to learn some humility about his disastrous foreign policy initiatives. Maybe he would procrastinate less on the Israel Palestinian peace front and be even less arrogant about Iran. Maybe he would stop constantly threatening Iran? what a world that would be. 


Netanyahu to ask US to threaten Iran,7340,L-3981112,...


Netanyahu said Iran was 3-5 years away from nuclear capability– back in ‘95!