The "Battle for Demascus" is on

by Fred

The “Battle for Damascus” has begun. Today, the mass murdering Battist regime was dealt the severest blow to date by the “Free Syrian Army.”

In an operation, the regime claims it was a “suicide bombing”, the Battist Defense Minister, Daoud Rajiha, was killed and other high officials severely wounded.

There are reports of a military barracks close to the “Presidential compound” to be ablaze as well.

The Russian provided attack helicopters and jets are used in the Battists’ indiscriminate murdering of civilian population.

It is time for the free world to bypass the objections of Russia and China who are backing the mass murdering Battists and impose no fly zone over Syria.

The emancipation of Syria from the grips of the murderous Battists will greatly facilitated the overthrow of their ally, the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic. Without these two regimes, avoiding region-wide war and achieving peace in the Middle East becomes a possibility.

Much faster please!


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a military operation against assad, very well executed.

by zolfali1 on

congradulations to people of syria for their brave action against terrorist assad regime.  today syria, tomorrow iran.


اینهم برای مامور و مادرزنش


دنیا متاع غرور است و بازی و سرگرمی بیش نیست. این دو تا درس ساده را که از قرآن آموختی یواش یواش از تصور دنیای دیگر بعد از مرگ به تب می افتدی!



دمو و مادر زنم


ایشان (یعنی مادر زنم) من را کافر صدا میکند البته به شوخی!! زن مسنی که به عقایدش خیلی متقعد است! و البته من هم که از هر کافری بدتر!!
چند وقتی است که بعضی نظرات دمو که در آن از قرآن مجید ذکر میکند میخوانم!! آخر هفته با اهل عیال به پیکنیک رفته بودیم در کامپیوتر چند آیه را نگاه میکردم و آنها رای برای مادر زن ،که به علت درد پا مثل بقیه والیبال بازی نمیکند، میخواندم!! بنده خدا اول فکر کرد من تب دارم!!
من فکر نمیکنم با دمو حتی بر سر یک موضوع سیاسی توافق نظر داشته باشیم! و صدا کردن او یک ' حامی دولت ایران ' یا هر دسته و گروه دیگر فقط میتواند به این معنی باشد که من سواد خواندن ندارم!! البته ممکن است!!
اگر در این ماه من بتوانم یک کار بدی را که میکردم انجام ندهم، مثل پرخوری، من هزار بار ممنون دمو هستم!!

I wear an Omega watch

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

I find the euphoric reaction to a suicide attack which is the hallmark of the militant Islamists, somewhat's only a matter of time before the filthy Zionists face the real threat............We'll see.........

Manuchehr Khosrodad

Hi Fred, Fascinating Blog

by Manuchehr Khosrodad on

Your Views Resonate with many people because you are regurgitating the deception and misinformation that the Media produces so the governments in the so-called civilized world can implement their policies, in this respect not even your views are your own because they are built on opinions that are provable deceits.  If you dare peer deeper into foreign policy you will come out seeing far clearer than you do now.  I truly appreciate your sense of wanting to do good for human beings and saving us from evil actions going on which are dangerous to us and harmful to iranians.  I would like to point out a danger you don't see, the eventual desire for the USA to have sunni extremists in power, now that it has succeeded in bringing shia extremists to power in Iran, in order to run the world in a way I am sure you would be opposed to if you were aware of it. //


The Triad Cheeseleaders

by Demo on

An earlier comment in relation with the other Fred's today blog was thrown out! Such a site we write comments for!


to this i would add

by mahmoudghaffari on

The triad of backwardness; Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia (the first two despotic regimes, although all three are also murderous), must be annihilated in the middle East.  Looks like the first two will be accomplished soon and we then need to shift our sight onto the third.


Funny cheerleaders

by Fred on

Cheerleaders for the lobbies, paid supporters, moochers and gofers of the Messianic Islamist Rapists are hilariously funny.


چه احساس قشنگی



سوسن خانوم،

بشار هر جایی بره برای مردم سوریه احساس قشنگیه و وقت جشن و سورمانی است.




Velayati's Omen Support!

by Demo on

Ali Akbar Velayati's support of Asad yesterday means end of Asad is right around the corner as he supported Romania's dictator president a day before he was overthrown in 1990:





Soosan Khanoom

Faramarz, how about

by Soosan Khanoom on

Down in Kokoma....Aruba....Jamaica.... Oh come on pretty Mama. 

Mohammad Ala

What gives....?

by Mohammad Ala on

As Faramarz mentioned, Fred posts original material twice every day.  Which part of this blog is original or new?  What gives?

"The Syrian “crisis” — one brought on by the Western powers and their sock-puppets in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. 
Time for a closer look //]



بشار، زیر فشار!



I wonder where Bashar and the Mrs. will end up going!

Moscow is too cold and Putin not trustworthy. Tehran is out of the question since they don't want to move again in a few months. Persian Gulf countries are not reliable because he may get extradited for crimes against humanity. That leaves Venezuela or Bolivia.

They beter start packing!


Fred, You are absolutely RIGHT about this

by Azarbanoo on

I am with you on this issue.  I pray for Brave FSA to rid themselves from Asad and then it is our turn to get rid of akhoonds & their thugs.