The assassination

by Fred

Should the emerging details of the bombing in Tehran prove to be accurate, it would be the second instance of targeted assassination in the new phase of internal struggle within the ranks of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

Although the Islamist Rapist Medias were quick to paint the murdered victim as one of their own who might have had a hand in their nuke program, information dripping out is to the contrary, at least partially. It seems the particle physics instructor was very much in the opposing camp and even a signatory of declarations to that effect.

The ruling faction of the Islamist Rapists which has the upper hand is playing a dangerous game.  Their opposition is not limited to the peaceful people of Iran; the ones among themselves who have been sidelined do have access to the same instruments of lethality as they do.

As it has been the case throughout its life, assassination has been a mainstay of IRR, albeit to a lesser extent as of late. In the early days of IRR, the Forghan group did a number of assassinations targeting the nuts and bolts of their internal opposition.  Are the Islamist Rapists going back to their roots?


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Lebanease Hezbollah

by masoudA on

Had a hand in the assassination.   They have a hand in terrorizing and beating up demonstrators as well.   We need to take care of them. 


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