Apologists with conviction

by Fred

The NIAC Lobby behaving badly toward its detractors is nothing new, not only it has sued one; it habitually ignores uncomfortable legitimate questions from others, labeling them as Mujahedin cult members, neo-cons and warmongers.

There is no need to search long and hard to see the latest display of this strange behavior of the NIAC lobby which enjoys tax exemption by claiming to be an “educational” entity, it comes in the form of reaction to a book review.

The lifetime president of the NIAC Lobby has published a book. The Wall Street Journal has published a review of it; the NIAC Lobby does not like the review, an official of the NIAC Lobby publicly labels the reviewer as a terrorist cult supporter.

Right on cue, the NIAC Lobby Cyber Centurions (CCs) come in with their support of their beyond-criticism-lifetime-president/Leader.

As asked in another blog, the NIAC Lobby is acting very much like a cult, if not, how does it differ from one?


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Cult leader

by Fred on

Taking that line of reasoning, ie. the book reviewer has blogged in the Weekly Standard, what would it make of the lifetime president of the NIAC lobby whose last two bosses,  Houshang Amir-Ahmadi was a “candidate for presidency” of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) and the other, Congressman Bob Nay, a republican and a convicted criminal who just finished his jail term?

And that is not getting into the lifetime president’s documented affiliation with the neo-con  Roy cofee, his documented working relationship with Rafsanjani front company atieh-Bahar, or documented cozy relationship with various high officials of IRR.

Of course the stuff about Washington newspaper report on goings and comings to CIA has never been refuted by the lifetime president either.

But hey, a cult leader is beyound all these little details.

BTW. to put the issue of having been paid by the CIA, why the lifetime president does not make his tax returns public?


And who is the WSJ reviewer of Trita's book i might add?


Oh that's right. Neocon Weekly Standard Blogger:


Tiger Lily

proof of these two bits, please

by Tiger Lily on

" an official of the NIAC
Lobby publicly labels the reviewer as a terrorist cult supporter."


"Right on cue, the NIAC Lobby Cyber Centurions (CCs) come in with
their support of their beyond-criticism-lifetime-president/Leader."


As for cults. Well, cults usually have rituals  and wear symbols of some sort. I dunno, do the NIACies wear bangles banging their heads against brick walls or something?;)



With Due Respect

by Demo on

Why is it that the blogger who analyzes so well when it comes to NIAC, a group of 'elites' kids most of whom have never lived in Iran and/or know nothing about Iran, changes that tune 180 degrees when it is Iranians Muslims turn? With due respect hoping the response be a clear hearty one. Thanks.

**Apologetics (from Greek ἀπολογία, "speaking in defense") is the discipline of defending a position (often religious) through the systematic use of information (???).

P.S. The above Wikipedia definition of the used term is not applicable to NIAC.  Or is it?