America going to the dogs

by Fred

In a few hours the name of the 45th President of the United States will be known.

Whether President Obama’s White House lease has been extended for four more years or not, when it comes to foreign policy and specifically the Middle East, urgent decisions await the new President.

Ever since the 39th U.S. President to the current one, Iran under the rule of the Messianic Islamists has been a spoiler for any attempt for establishment of peace and tranquility in the vital Middle East region.

With the Messianic Islamists getting ever closer to their weaponized nuke, their military participation in the Syrian pogroms and bolder speeded up attempts at international terrorism, to just name a few, the 45th President will no longer have the luxury of kicking the can down the road.

When it comes to getting thing right in Iran and by extension the region, would the 45th be the charm?

And no, America is NOT going to the dogs, as some say, her democracy reboots every 4 years. 


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اوباما، اوباما!




اوباما، اوباما

ما با توئیم، تو با ما!

Well, it looks like that the 44th President will remain the commander-in-chief, and that's good news for Iran and the Iranians. The most accurate polls put him at 51% and 303 electoral votes

One way to get a sense of where the election is going today is to watch Fox News starting at 2 PM this afternoon! That's when the news outlets start sharing some exit polls (not election results). At that point, if Fox announcers look really pissed, then that's an early indicator that the party is over