To all the critics, up yours!


by Fred

It seems whenever the absolute lifetime leader of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, goes visiting family in Mashhad he eats his Wheaties there.

Last year around the same time while the Head Rapist Khamenei was visiting relatives there, he gave his up yours response to the secret letter and first Norooz New Year video from the newly elected American president asking for his friendship. (see link 1)

This year’s Mashhad trip was the repeat performance with a major difference.  The Head Rapist is now accusing President Obama of being behind Iranians’ peaceful demonstrations asking for their basic rights. (see link 2)

He goes even a step further and in no uncertain terms accuses America and Israel in a joint plot to start a civil war in Iran to be followed up by them sending in their militaries to side with the demonstrators on the streets of Iran. (see link 3)

Undoubtedly some will buy into this fantastic plot the Head Rapist has revealed which through the barbaric services of his Rapist Basiji and Revolutionary Guards has been temporarily neutralized.

But, for how long the sane world is going to try to get on Head Rapist’s good graces?

And when is it time to start realizing regime change via airtight sanctions and empowerment of fed up Iranian nation is the only option to avoid the war the messianic weaponized nuke acquiring Islamists are on the path to impose on everyone?






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"up yours!"

by Q on

for a minute there, I thought you were quoting Israel! That's exactly what Israel has been saying to the rest of the world starting decades before there was such thing as IRI.

But I see you have not achieved any level of self-reflection yet. There is always time! :)


looks like sactions and then surgical attacks are

by mahmoudg on

more a reality now then ever before.  we need to ensure that whatever happens in Iran, peoples movement, surgical attacks or a civil war that the Basij and Pasdars are cleansed.  In all scenarios the US/Israel involvement to wipe out the 200K or so filth is inevitable.