AIPAC done it again

by Fred

It seems the sane world’s efforts to rein in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s war-making weaponized nuke program is getting into high gear.

Today 363 members of U.S. Congress sent a letter to President Obama urging him to impose “crippling sanctions” against IRR which would include Revolutionary Guard Corps, financial system, and regime’s ability to import refined petroleum.

This is a good start, and it is just that a start. The aim should be to impose airtight sanctions to decimate the Islamist Rapists’ ability to suppress the democracy wanting Iranians allowing them to take matters into their capable hands.

Kudos to those 363 Democrat and Republican members and to AIPAC for nudging them to do the right thing by siding with the oppressed Iranian people.  They now have to appropriate funds to help the activists inside Iran to do the heavy lifting.


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by Fred on

Unlike NIAC lobby’s bogus line, when it comes to long-term strategic national interests Iran and Israel are allies, ergo kudos to AIPAC on this point which serves Iran as well as Israel’s interests.

As to U.S. congress, well, they are not known for nimbleness and need nudging. And since Iran and Iranians lack a lobby representing their interests rather than the IRR’s, more precisely some factions of the regime, having common interest with the powerful AIPAC is a Godsend.



by masoudA on

Why are you giving credit to the Jewish Lobby?  They are doing this for the sake of Isreal - but you Fred are making this sound as if without AIPAC or the Jewish community - US Congress would have done trhe wrong and the stupid thing.  

PS- for this or any other sanctions to be successful - meaning to hurt IR and not the people - True Iranian/Americans must be involved with the planning.   People like Hasan Daei should be used as consultants not the fools who had anti-sanctions positions to begin with.