Aiming to fail

by Fred

The Tuesday deadline for the six-point peace plan brokered by U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan came and went.

The murderous Battists bankrolled and assisted by the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), are now promising to do so by Thursday morning, that is today.

As with the Arab League plans, plural, which went nowhere except buying time for the Battists and IRR to kill more Syrian men, women and children, to date over 10,000 murdered, this Annan plan will not fare any better.

The sane world has to impose no-fly zone, particularly for those Battists’ dreaded helicopter gunships, NOW.

The sane world has to designate safe zone for the Syrian civilians to take refuge in, NOW.

The sane world has to begin ICC prosecution of Battists and their IRR ally for the ongoing crimes against humanity, NOW.

No country has the sovereign right to massacre its people, stop it NOW.

Ps. unless the world is looking for a repeat performance, for his documented failure as head of UN peacekeeping forces during Rwanda genocide, Kofi Annan is distinctly unqualified for the task of stopping an ongoing crime against humanity.


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Great Points, Fred

by Azarbanoo on

You mentioned in your blog.  The Sane world are sleeping as innocent civilians are being killed bu these monsters.