Afshin-Jam has “that”

by Fred

Hafez, the great Persian poet, refers to it as “that.”

That is the combination of many desirable qualities. That includes not only beauty, brains and charisma, it requires among other attributes like compassion, determination and bravery.

Lady Nazanin Afshin-Jam Mackay, the Iranian-born Canadian has “that.”

She is stunningly beautiful, is a brainiac, got charisma as powerful as an industrial magnet, is an accomplished pilot and she has a fabulous singing voice. However, her most attractive feature is her bravery, caring heart and determination to put her good fortune to use for the victims of the Islamist rulers of her native country of Iran.

Her tireless championing of human rights and co-founding of the “Stop child executions” in Iran are just part of what gives her “that.”

On Tuesday, Canada’s Foreign Affairs department warned Islamist diplomats “against interfering in the “choices” of Iranian-Canadians who have “rejected the oppressive Iranian regime and have chosen to come to Canada to build better lives.”

Yesterday, Lady Afshin-Jam Mackay asked for the closure of the Islamists’ embassy in Ottawa.

She has “that.”


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The Dear's Displeasure

by Demo on

Jamned!  Not again! Much 'DISPLEASURE' with the deleted comment of this Dear Demo regarding the 'PLEASURE!'

babak pirouzian

Dear Demo:

by babak pirouzian on

Dear Demo, 

The link you provided gave me double pleasure:  ( Ms. Nazanins' photos were available everywhere all over the net since last several years. Photos are related to her acting and modelling period , so there weren't any shattering news ) However the PLEASURE WAS:   1)  to see a bunch of savaged , excruciating , barbarous mammoth looking Islamist,  viciously demonstrating some of Islamic values where every one is scared of , threatening beheading infidles , taking over the Europe's capitals etc.  2) on the other hand it was a pleasure listening to Nazanin's speech delivered for Tedx audience , explaining the inhumanity and the role of so-called Islamist in Iran. All that exercise lead me to discover more about what she is doing for human values and rights last 10- 12 years . Thanks for the tips.


Fred was reading this piece done on this truly exceptional being

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The fact that some choose to attack her personally, for her preferences of dress and her personal values is nothing surprising, what they don't realize is that most of the people in iran support her ability to choose, to learn to grow and to transform herself which ever path she pleases herself to take.  Being paid for being dressed in a bikini by the way is what i want to see in iran if beautiful women freely want it also.  Her father was tortured just for allowing people to drink alcohol publicly pre 1979, which means that she is going to have ungrateful haters among extremists which can't help but identify themselves before us all, the people of Iran have seen and recognized once and for all the corrupt islamic authorities, which freedom loving iranians have discovered are the weeds that need to be plucked out and soon will be.   : )

For more On Islamists and Hezbollahis Twisted and highly unpopular Culture, which has lost the war for the hearts and souls of iranians after they betrayed Iranian Freedom and Irans Great Culture which was being defended by the Monarchy, read below...

Her new book, The Tale of Two Nazanins, is a made for Hollywood story
without the Hollywood ending. Nazanin Fatehi is Iranian, a Kurd, and
poor and brutalized by the men around her. Her father, brother,
half-brothers, all beat her, spit on her, treat her as worthless, as a
woman without rights marooned in the patriarchal dungeon too many
Iranian women know well.

A family friend rapes her. Another young man attempts to and dies at
the point of a knife his would-be victim pushes into his chest. Ms.
Fatehi was 17, and sentenced to death for the crime of defending herself
from an injustice. It is a wrong that became urgently real for Nazanin
Afshin-Jam on a February night in Vancouver in 2006 when an email
message popped up on her computer asking for her help.

Iran’s tragedy shaped her own family. She was only an infant when
they fled Tehran in 1979 after the Islamic revolution, and only a little
girl of seven-or-eight when she asked her father about the scars on his
back. A former hotel manager, Afshin Afshin-Jam was tortured and
sentenced to death for allowing women and men to mix freely, for serving
alcohol, for playing music, for simply doing his job.

The Canadian Nazanin responded to the message on her screen by
launching a campaign to free the Iranian Nazanin. Using her smarts — she
has a political science degree, a Masters’ in diplomacy, a pilot’s
licence and speaks Persian, English and French — and her profile as an
international beauty queen, she started banging on doors of influential
people. In Europe, in Canada and at the United Nations, where she would
hand deliver a petition with 350,000 signatures demanding Ms. Fatehi’s

Logistical roadblocks, threatening emails and phone calls from men
with Middle Eastern accents telling her to drop the campaign, or else,
and the blackened heart of the Iranian regime were arrayed against her.

But she kept pushing. Kept generating publicity for the young woman’s
case until the prison doors abruptly creaked open and Nazanin Fatehi
walked free in Jan. 2007.


Anonymous Observer

And then there are Iranian women who hate Iranian women

by Anonymous Observer on


Those women sittin' in the west

by Cost-of-Progress on

wearing the symbol of opression and beating their chest for the murderous blood thirsty cult should learn from gutzy women like Nazanin. Sooner or later, they will hopefully wake up. If not, they will attend the "ESSlamic Enlightment Conference" in Tehran..............


بابا دست از سر این دوست عزیز ما "متمم اول" بردارید


یه چیزی ایشون میگه یه چیز هم شما میگید: این به اون در دیگه. بخدا شوخی‌ میکنه. حیفه که خدای ناکرده محرم علی‌ خان ایرانیان دات کام این دوستمونو برای خدا میدونه بار چندم "محروم الکامنت" کنه. اصلا یکی‌ از محسنات دموکراسی اینه که آدم بتونه به مقامات کشوری و لشکری و (حقوق) بشری هرچی‌ میخواد بدو بیراه بگه. چطور وقتی‌ مرحوم کریم پور شیرازی فحش خوار مادر شاه و اشرف رو میداد و مرحوم دکتر فاطمی دیگه چیزی نبود توی روزنامش واسه خاندان پهلوی نگه میگفتند خوب میکنه ولی‌ نوبت "متمم اول" که میرسه بد می‌شه؟

کار بد مصلحت آن است که مطلق نکنیم.


فرد جان دست به دلم نذار که خونه


یک از مشکلات روزمره بنده اینست که تصمیم بگیرم که کدامیک از ایندو گروه را "نماد تنفر" (یا بقول شما انگلیسی‌ زبان‌ها " هیت فیگر") قلمداد کنم: جناح مصدق الهی و یا جوجه نوکران بی‌ بی‌ سی‌؟ نقطه مشترک ایندو گروه بسیار است مثل همین شازده مسعود میرزا  بهنود خودمان که هم (بقول آن یار شریف از دست رفته ام) از کارپردازان انگلیس محسوب میشود و هم از حامیان مصدق السلطنه  تا بدانجا که اسم "دکتر" را در کنار بزرگانی چون حافظ و سعدی و فردوسی گذاشت! یک زمانی‌ بود که بی‌ بی‌ سی‌ نوکر هم که استخدام میکرد از نوع فرهیخته و باسوادش استخدام میکرد مثل مسعود فرزاد (از حافظ شناسان بنام ایران) و  یا مجتبی مینوی تهرانی (استاد ادبیات و مصحّح کلیله و دمنه) که هردو از همگنان صادق هدایت بودند. و بسیاری دیگر که هرچند به والا مقامی این بلند پایگان نبودند ولی‌ حداقل مایه‌ای داشتند. ولی‌ هم اکنون مشتی جوجه نوکر بی‌سواد در این که لانه وور وور میخورند که در مقابل بیسوادی و بی‌ مایگیشان، رادیو زمانه معتبر شده! 

بابا نوکر هم نوکر‌های قدیمی‌ که مایه‌ای و سوادی داشتند نه این بچه جغل پقل‌های تهی مغز که حتی یک مصاحبه ساده هم نمی‌‌تونند انجام بدن. بهترین راه برخورد با این تی‌ تی‌ ش مامانی‌ها همین است که این دوستان صورت دادند:


 و دیگه ببینید کار چقدر خرابه که دیگ به دیگ میگه روت سیاه:



by Truthseeker9 on

Thanks for this blog, she is truly amazing and makes me proud as an Iranian.



by Demo on

Everything about this lady is "that." See the below example for "that". Everything else is cosmetic including her marriage to the fascist Canadian defense minister & etc. & etc. It is about time to grow up before call each other names here.

Anonymous Observer

Well, HG - it all comes from this mentality

by Anonymous Observer on

hamsade ghadimi

a.o., it just blows my mind

by hamsade ghadimi on

a.o., it just blows my mind that some people get offended by the term "islamist rapists." it's hard for even the common run-of-the-mill islamist commenters on this very site to not make a sexual comment when there is a discussion about women or a woman in particular. 

Anahid Hojjati

Very impressive resume,

by Anahid Hojjati on

I did not know that Nazanin Afshin Jam is also a pilot. It is great, and as AO noted, more power to her.

Anonymous Observer

HG - is it surprising?

by Anonymous Observer on

The level of contempt for women from a backward Islamist culture?  It's the product of 33 years of sitting in the West and listening--and reading--Fars News.  

Go Nazanain!  More power to you!! 



by Fred on


اگر مناسبتی دست داد، مهربانی فرموده و از کارکنان بخش فارسی بنگاه سخن پراندن بی بی سی بپرسید که چرا در نقل قول از منابع خبری که اخبار آنان، مانند خبر در باره موضوع این بلاگ،  که باب میلشان نیست  صفت "دست راستی" را اضافه میکنند و  معمولاً نشریات "دست چپی" را از قید صفت محروم میدارند.

hamsade ghadimi

the lady works for human

by hamsade ghadimi on

the lady works for human rights and the islamists commenting can only attempt to degrade her and think of her sexually.  now, let's hear from ghamar khanoom and company that sexual deviance is not exclusive to islamists.


Demo are you an Islamist?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You must be if you did n't know that Hafez clean his mostara with the Koran.  Yet Not even Irans ignorant and corrupt islamic clergy dare touch his reputation, even after what he did to islam and its teachings and ideas.


حسود هرگز نیاسود!




خانم نازنین افشین-جم، مایه افتخار نژاد آریا.

در افسانه ها آورده اند که روزی خدا به یک آدم حسود فرمود :

هر چه دلت می خواهد از من بخواه ، به تو می دهم فقط به این شرط که هر چه به تو بدهم به همسایه ات دو برابر آن را خواهم داد اگر به تو یک خانه بدهم به همسایه ات دو خانه خواهم داد حال تو چه می خواهی؟

آن شخص حسود پس از اندکی تأمل گفت:

ای پروردگار قادر متعال تقاضا می کنم یک چشم مرا کور کن!


No, UR Wrong as Ever!

by Demo on

The slang 'that' in US & Candate only & only means the ''sex' when it comes to describing 'chicks!' But unfortunately, like almost all the Iranians Shahs of the Sunset, this lady of yours is 100% missing 'that.' And no matter what she does, as a former chicken, her age is long passed to bring anybody's attention to herself 'sexually' or otherwise! Attention Defficiency Disorder is what she has, indeed!

PS: Our country's great 'Islamist' Hafez never ever thought in his life one day his name would be slandered 'this' way!  


پیرو فرمایشات دوست عالیقدر جناب "تقریرات دوستانه"



که به درستی مفهوم "آن" در ادبیات حافظ را بیان فرمودند این بیت از حافظ  که گواه بیانات دوست ارجمندمان می‌‌باشد و خانم افشین جم مصداق آن می‌‌باشند را تقدیم می‌‌دارم:


حسن مهرویان مجلس، گرچه دل می‌برد و دین

بحث ما در لطف طبع و خوبی اخلاق بود



 البته با تشکر از جناب "فرد" به درستی باب بحث را گشودند

Friendly Notes

حافظ واستفاده ازکلمه ی «آن» به معنایی خاص

Friendly Notes

حافظ حداقل سه بار از کلمه ی «آن» به معنایی خاص استفاده کرده است. بگونه ای که می شود با اطمینان گفت «آن» در این موارد ضمیر اشاره نیست. در هر سه مورد هم معنای «آن»، حسن سیرت است و در هر سه مورد نیز حافظ حسن سیرت را از حسن صورت برتر دانسته است.

١ - هر آن کو خاطری مجموع و یاری نازنین دارد
سعادت همدم او گشت و دولت همنشین دارد
لب لعل و خط مشکین چو آنش نیست جانش نیست
بنازم دلبر خود را که حسنش آن و این دارد

٢ - دردم از یارست و درمان نیز هم
دل فدای او شد و جان نیز هم
این که می گویند آن بهتر زحسن
یار ما این دارد و آن نیز هم

٣ - شاهد آن نیست که مویی و میانی دارد
بنده طلعت آن باش که آنی دارد
شیوه حور و پری گرچه لطیف است ولی
خوبی آنست و لطافت که فلانی دارد

Yeah, She got it