by Fred

After the recent “election”, to put it in legalese, based on preponderance of the evidence or more accurately beyond a reasonable doubt a series of well documented crimes against the Iranian people has been committed by the ruling Islamists. They include but are not limited to, cold blooded murder of peaceful demonstrators by government’s rooftop positioned sharpshooters, severe torture and murder of detainees. There are also multiple reports by victims, one of whom is an underage teenager, that Islamist officials raped men and women detainees.

 Would it be too far-fetched to identify any and all who knowingly whitewash the known crimes of the Islamist Rapist Republic by using the below legal definition? 

 ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT - Whoever, knowing that an offense has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact; one who knowing a felony to have been committed by another, receives, relieves, comforts, or assists the felon in order to hinder the felon's apprehension, trial, or punishment. U.S.C. 18


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The problem is that the

by vildemose on

The problem is that the regime considers itself above the law; even above their own law and Constitution. This sort of disdian for the law  has been  prevalent throughout their reign of terror . To think that the Islamic Republic is  magically going to find some new  reverance and respect for the Iranian laws on the book is laughable.


Jaleho - Roo ke Roo Neest, Sange Paye Gazvineh

by anonymous111.2 on

You're not really comparing the U.S. legal system to that of the Islamic Toilet Republic, are you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The U.S. can solve its own problems because it has an independent judicial system, not one with forced confessions, show trials and political prisoners.  To give the readers (not you, because you are too far gone already) an example, in the U.S. judicial system, a sitting president (Bill Clinton) was sued, was called a sex molester and was forced to give a deposition.  By contrast, in the Islamic Toilet Republic, one will be hanged without a trial if he disputes the color of Khamenei's turban.

Enough with the BS already.  Go tell it to someone who doesn't know.  In the alternative, if you really believe the garbage that you just wrote here, then you should seriously look for a specialist so that you can find a cure for your mental retardation.  


Timothyfloyd, some say

by Jaleho on

that Bush junior forced itself upon American people when Gore actually has won (I totally disagree with this, but that's another point)

Now, do you think the the LEGAL CODES of the United States should have not been observed anymore because some people believed that Gore won, not Bush?

Of course that was such a close call! In the present case, Ahmadinejad won 24 million votes, and Mousavi and the rest, 13 million. Hardly close to even be considered for being "rigged" to the degree of obscuring the actual winner.  Besides, unlike the US anemic voter turnout, the healthy Iranian democracy had a massive 40 million people participating in that election. 

Still I don't recall anyone suggesting that the US should be using Chinese legal codes to handle its internal matters instead of its own constitution becasue the Gore-Bush election was rigged. Do you?



by timothyfloyd on



Excellent point but I think

by vildemose on

Excellent point but I think those who are so deeply vested in keeping the status quo will try to defend the indefinsible no matter what. They absolutely must because their very existence and livelihood depends on it.


What's your point Fred?

by Jaleho on

Let's clarify the futility of your efforts by few examples:

In LA riots of 1992 where 53 people got killed and THOUSANDS got injured, many by US riot police brutality, China didn't come to solve the internal riots of the US. US used its own legal institutions and laws, some of which you seem to know, to handle its internal dispute.

In the violent aftermath of Katrina which led to massive murders, riots, and looting, and the US mismanaged response to that, EVERY COUNTRY criticized the US government for mismanagement. Yet, the legal issues were handled by US legal institutions, whether the Chinese or the Europeans approved or didn't of the way the US handles its internal issues.

Iran is a sovereign and independent country after the revolution, much to your chagrin. It will handle its own legal issues, with its own legal codes, regardless of how much anyone in the California shouts.

Unless of course your type is indeed numerous enough to be able overthrow the regime, just like the kicked the Shah despite tens of thousands of American personnel inside Iran, and despite the all powerful western world supporting the Shah. The will of Iranian people overcame all of that. 


Fred Jon

by Cost-of-Progress on

What has bothered me from the begining of this regime-e nangin is the fact that those who commit these atrocities are Iranians themselves. This is a very significant point which often gets obscured by the bad taste that Islam has left in our mouth for 14 centuries.

Why would anyone do such things to another human being let alone his/her own countrymen??

hala hey begin in islame haghigi neest - hasst... khaylee ham hast -man reedam be in deen........