by Fred

See, do and say nothing for three days. That is the essence of the latest directive from the Islamist ministry of guidance to all reporters for foreign outlets.

The Student Day is ahead and there are bones to be broken, heads to be cracked, eyes to be gouged out, cold blooded street murders to be committed and many to be taken to Kahrizak like rape and torture centers and it is best to be done without any unnecessary grandstanding.

Don’t act all surprised and miffed, it is going to be just another routine Islamist operation like it has been all during the past thirty years. You all know the drill, like many of your colleagues who preceded you knew it well. Writing frivolous fluffy “evenhanded” reports and when contracts to stay in Iran ends or some trouble with IRR happens, coming back out to the sane world, doing a round of T.V. shows, writing few articles, perhaps a book or two on how bad it is in IRR and how all this could not be said while in Iran in order to stay there to write the fluffy “evenhanded” stories.

It is going to be just like while the sane world was all mesmerized by Smiley’s list of reading material and interest in Tocqueville same savage Islamists’ reaction to students commemorating their fallen took place again and again. Look it up, you be surprised how repetitious it has been.  

Just mark your colanders and come back to do a partial count of survivors. Few interviews here and there and then the media counter offensive by realists who condemn the brutalities and quickly say there is no option but to cut a deal with the “pragmatic” faction of the Islamists.

Saying Rome wasn’t built in a day you know,  skipping the part about over a century long history of sacrifice upon the altar of freedom by Iranians from all walks of life, them people have to learn democracy in generations to come and then and only then it will materialize, abracadabra!





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