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by Fred

Even as a distant observer, the number of men, women and children, especially children, being slaughtered in Syria- the latest count is over 8000, with over 500 of them children-is very hard on the soul.

In face of the sane world’s Laissez-faire attitude, the savage Syrian Battists, the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) and their terrorist house boy, the Lebanese Hezbollah are committing crime against humanity.

The Syrian newspapers are proudly touting their success at “cleansing” the Baba-Amr neighborhood in Homs where they murdered hundreds upon hundreds. In addition to their rooftop snipers, courtesy of their IRR ally, the savage Battists used tanks and fixed artillery batteries to indiscriminately shell the entire town for days.

Now they have moved on to the next town to be “cleansed.”

What is the sane world waiting for?

Do something; Syrian people are human beings, what are all those super-duper air forces good for if they cannot be used for humanitarian pursuits?


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بگشای لب که قند فراوانم آرزوست


Dear Fred

Your gratidude and appreciation of my effeorts have given me a warm feeling. I surely will keep it up-trucking or tracking, and I am glad to learn you like it too.

I take this gracious comment as my Edi


I wear an Omega watch



by Sean-K on

you try very hard to make every body who is against israel look pro IR but what really burns you is you know that more and more and more people are both anti israel and anti IR which doesn't help you if they are iranians because when it is time to choose they will choose iran and fight israel. you can keep on and on ignoring it and denying it but it is truth. the balance is changing and fred is trembling hahahaha it is fun to read your fearful writings fred. keep on trucking and remember this



On the Road Again!

by Demo on

As the classic "truckers' song" says: On the road again, just can't wait to go on the road again, as never seen these many 'traitors' on the road again.........


PS: The truckers are the "traders' instruments" to carry loads of stuff to their 'pre-determined' destinations, but the "traitors" on the other hand even sell their 'moms' to reach their 'promised' destinations! 


Keep on trucking!

by Fred on

All the supporters of the Islamist Rapists and their savage Syrian Battist ally, you are doing a excellent job of showing what deranged, amoral mentality the Iranian & Syrian people are fighting against, keep up the good work.


Arabs killing Arabs (same in Syria as in Iraq, Libya, etc)

by AMIR1973 on

And the blame for this rests squarely with the Arabs themselves. That being said, it will be a major strategic loss for the Islamist terrorist regime to have Assad Junior ousted, and therefore this goal should be pursued.


There are these numbers...

by hirre on



The total pure civilian deaths in Iraq are ~0.003% of the population and 0.001 % for Libya.

Also observe that it doesn't take into account who killed the civilians. These numbers are more closer to death by different severe illnesses in societies than a sign of mass extinction through war.

The number of death aspects in a war has changed dramatically, for the better. For comparison, in Iran over 36000 people die annually in traffic related accidents.

Now think of how many deaths the iranian regime is accountable for, both domestic and international. Think how many more will be the case since Iran is currently number 1 in the world in execution/population... I strongly believe that by stopping the IR (either by sanctions or other methods) you will stop more deaths than if you let it continue in the long term...



What do you want them to do exactly?


Intervene and turn 8000 into 80000+?

We all know that almost every single intervention has benefited not the people you claim to support, but those with vested interest to see said dictator gone replaced with the friendly dictator they can manage.

Look at Libya.. its a blood bath but who cares right? So long as the oil is flowing...


So this poses a question, why do armchair neocons support intervention? 


Only natural West-residing IRI Groupies double as Assad Groupies

by AMIR1973 on

Given that the hereditary Assad terrorist "republic" is the IRI's closest Fellow Traveler regime.



by پندارنیک on

Isn't it sweet to see our criminal inhumane Zionist fellow avatars so desparate and out of hope? It is.......it really is.................I accept the survival of the Syrian regime and its united people as the best new-year gift................so should you!


Mr Sane World's Neighborhood!

by Demo on

The once popular Mr. Roger's neighborhood TV program has these days been replaced by the reality show, Mr. Sane World's (the Jewish State that is) one at every ME country's footstep! Its blessings have so far covered Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lybia & now is headed for Syria & then it soon will be our mamas' land turn!

PS: Any wolf's cry by the blogger at any time condemning the murders of, only GOD knows how many 8000 pluses, of Afghanis & Iraqis by the new Mr. Roger for the past 11 years?