4 questions 4 you

by Fred

To deny for the past thirty years the religion of Islam has been used to a great effect by IRR, the Islamist Rapist republic, as a tool of statecraft is to deny the obvious. To deny as far as generations of Iranians who have come of age under IRR rule are concerned, the religion of Islam and IRR for the most part are perceived to be one and the same is to deny the observable. To deny the religion of Islam has gotten a black eye in Iran is to deny the reality.  

Now should the above statements be taken as fair and somewhat accurate, and limiting the observation to Iran and Iranians number of questions pup-up.

1- Is the damage done to the religion of Islam by IRR irreparable?

2- Is it even desirable to repair the damage done by IRR?

3- Is this, as has been the case with other religions and freed societies, the same kind of prerequisite damage leading to separation of religion and state and strenghtening of  the faith?

4- Is Iran going through growing pains or just spiraling further down into the abyss?


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Niloufar Parsi

yes god could be female

by Niloufar Parsi on

but females cannot create life without males. females nurture life till it is born, they do not create it alone.

that is another 'reason' why god cannot exist!

tell me, if god created the world, what then created god? the creation argument for the existence of god is too weak. if the world 'needed' a creator, then so does god, by the same logic. if we Can 'believe' that god was eternally there, why can't we believe that the world was always there too? why suspend reason in this way?

why apply one set of rules to the whole universe, and then a different set of rules to god?

we have not seen or touched god, we don't know god, but we are quite willing to construct a whole hypothetical being with our imagination, and then go even one step further and Believe in its existence too.

isn't this reflective of an emotional need? isn't god a product of our insecurity in the face of a vast universe and our own consequent insignificance?

the closest definition of god that comes to my mind right now is the human Ego that fools itself into believing in a relationship with a being that is supposedly bigger than the universe itself. creating god is a way of saying we matter.

what do you think?


I totally disagree with you

by asman on

I totally disagree with you that man created God.  The name "God" of course is created by man.  He has labeled this living entity as God. Now I want to ask you a question.  We know for the fact that any living thing creates life and we automatically put a gender names as being a 'female' (as far as we know) and the name 'male' is for the living thing that 'pokes' at female to start the 'metamorphosis' of creating a new life.  We, I mean man arrogantly labels or categorizes God being male and henceforth use the pronoun He in our language. Considering the fact we humans and the female species create new generation of us; would it be possible that God is also a 'female' rather than a 'male'?  Shouldn't we use the pronoun 'she' instead of 'he' when we referring to this living entity as "God"?

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

didn't man also create god?

Kharmagas: i want to sue Fred for plagiarism!


This is Iran

by vildemose on

Seven Causes of Forgetfulness

This clip from Islamic Republic's state TV broadcasting just goes to show the depth of the tragedy that has befallen the cultured and intelligent people of Iran. The TV presenter is quoting some Hadith from the prophet and he keeps repeating that the Hadith he is reading is a credible and verified one with numerous references that back it.

According to the Hadith and the state TV presenter, prophet Mohammad tells Imam Ali, his successor 'Ali, there are SEVEN causes that bring about forgetfulness' So what are these SEVEN items that the prophet is supposed to have identified as the causes of forgetfulness : 1- Eating sour apples 2- Eating Coriander 3- Eating Cheese 4- Eating Mice droppings [The presenter adds that this may not be so relevant for us city dwellers but the countryside folk should pay more attention] 5- Reading the writings on graves 6- Walking between two women 7- Throwing lice 8- cupping behind the head 9- Urinating in still water http://azarmehr.blogspot.com/2009/10/seven-causes-of-forgetfulness.html



by asman on

It is very amazing, astonishing, puzzling, dumbfounding and very perplexing that we who we consider us as human beings created by God who give us intelligence are in turmoil with one another about something that is incomprehensible fictitious item, thing, subject or whatever we make and categorize as the religion. Religion is something man has created to give us illusion of a fantasy which is to his liking in a selfish and devious way to rule one another.  It is basically politics.This 'religion' like many other religions fall into this title has nothing to do with God.  God did not create religions.  Man created religion to please himself and to take control of others which obviously includes him also.Religion is a virus that has infested our mind for hundreds of years and is growing stronger and stronger day by day and destroying and killing every human being in its path. There is only one religion and that is God.  We are all and also all living things that God has created make up the body of God.God is a living entity that is growing henceforth cannot die. We are merely a molecule that makes part of the body as we so eloquently refer to as God.Without God there would absolutely be nothing. Not even a 'black hole' as some believe in would ever exist.So let us stop this charade of religion since it is killing us all.  Man has to be blamed for creating this virus which will eventually destroy us all.There is only one God and therefore only one religion.  Let’s use the gift God gave each one of us and that is our intelligence.  Have faith in God and one religion and that is only Him.Let’s come together as brothers and sisters to make this world a beautiful garden so our future generations can enjoy and make God stronger.  If we don't do that then we are creating burial ground not only for ourselves but along with it we selfishly are going to bury the innocent other living things.


Good Questions -

by masoudA on

Ostad is getting predictably boring

Now to the questions:
1- Is the damage done to the religion of Islam by IRR irreparable?  - Yes it is - at least in Iran it is.   As for the rest of the world - the sane world already knew the inevitable results of mixing religion with government.   It has been centuries since the western world got rid of that dirty laundry. 

2- Is it even desirable to repair the damage done by IRR?  - Is it desirable to protect the Swinne Flu Virus?

3- Is this, as has been the case with other religions and freed societies, the same kind of prerequisite damage leading to separation of religion and state and strenghtening of  the faith?  - Indeed.   Iranian renaissance is here - but this one will not only fix Mecca - it will also fix Vatican!!!  

4- Is Iran going through growing pains or just spiraling further down into the abyss?   Iran the Country might - but Persian the culture won't.   In fact it will conquer all - it is the only way to human sanity and a life in harmony with the environment. 


Fred and the parrot (to Ostaad)

by kharmagas on

Ostaad, can't agree with you more. ....., we both know dome khroos is going to come out soon, genteleness of Fred and his parrot is going to end soon...., AIPAC's fascism is going to show up soon.


kharmagas, allow me to butt in...

by Ostaad on

Fred, "our" good old chum, has realized the crumpets have become stale and the sheet music has been repetitive and outdated lately. That's why he's trying to "kook" his "saaz" and try playing different tunes that don't "sound" too harsh. So stay "tuned" until he gets his hands on some new sheet music, then you'll see new life in Fred's repetitive AIPAC-induced musings again.

Rest assured, Fred has not changed, only his spots are "turning" a bit paler, for now.


Fred, how "concerned" of you, chum!

by Ostaad on

Since you zahmat kesheedi and asked, what the IRI does, or doesn't do, has nothing with Eslam! Eslam has been a camouflage this clique has been using to take power and rule. You even alluded to this fact. Also, the same kind of analogy exits between Zionism and Judaism.

A lot of smart Moslems KNEW this from the very beginning, this goes back to Khomeini's earliest noises in Feizieh around the time of the Land Reform. A lot of smart Moslem Iranians got suckered into the deal and many of them saw the light and they are very vociferously let others know about the nature of this regime. In the meantime some opportunists and power hungry folks took full advantage of the situation as we witness today.

So l'ttle Fred, don't worry,  Eslam is fine, live and kicking. You just go on Serving your tea-and-crumpets and be happy, good fella.



Fred, where is the parrot?

by kharmagas on

Fred, good questions (thanks to NP's hint), and good to see less of your normal juicy hateful writings.

BTW, where is your parrot (Bijan)


LOL...Israel Again...

by Cost-of-Progress on

Israel has not repeatedly persecute its own people for 30 years, Palestinians may be, but not its own people. Surely, you understand the difference!

You need to tell the Islamic Repressive Regime that Governments and Religions are two different things. They seem to disagree with you.





Islam is not damaged

by Anonymous8 on

Is judaism damaged by Israel? according to your argument, judaism should be dead by now due to daily crimes of israel.

governments and religions are two different things. even if they think of themselves as one, they are not!


Fact of the Matter

by Cost-of-Progress on

As much as some of us hate to admit it, Islam is embedded in our culture and beings - not all of us, but most of us. Even those of us who think of ourselves as "progressive" still believe in the religious superstitious nonsense and are extremly reluctant to think of, let alone, denounce Islam as the blood thirsty cult that it is.

As for the questions you presented here, I offer the following:

1- Is the damage done to the religion of Islam by IRR irreparable?

True that Islam has been damaged, but by how much and in whose opinion? I submit that the majority of folks still believe in the Islamic doctrine and the crap that it preaches.

2- Is it even desirable to repair the damage done by IRR?

If this damage is significant, and that's a big IF, then it means that we have just embarked on a journey which MAY take us to both preserve our heritage as Persians (as in non-arab loving) and pave the way to sustained secularism. So, the answer is a big NO.

3- Is this, as has been the case with other religions and freed societies, the same kind of prerequisite damage leading to separation of religion and state and strenghtening of the faith?

As I stated above, YES, I believe that this could be our way out of this 14-centuries long slavery of the mind and heart.

4- Is Iran going through growing pains or just spiraling further down into the abyss?

Great question - fact is none of knows the answer. On the surface, it seems that we are finaly seeing the light; as dim as it may be. Our youth are begining to realize the religious crap fed to them throughout their lives are a bunch of lies and designed to enslave the minds and thoughts of an otherwise great nation. On the other hand, the mentality that supported the migration to an ass backward society based on an outdated, repressive and fascist system, i.e., Islamic so called Republic is still there lurking amongst the people.



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