2 good news


by Fred

In recent weeks the quest to stop the game changing acquisition of weaponized nuke by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has received number of good news.

First, the new head of International Atomic Energy Agency issued his fact based report on IRR’s illegal full cycle nuke program. Unlike his IRR leaning Egyptian born predecessor the new IAEA director’s report highlights agency’s inability to certify the nonmilitary aspect of Islamists’ vast, mostly subterranean, nuke facilities.  

This report has put an end to all the hairsplitting and other diversionary tactics by the Islamist Rapists and their lobby’s about the nature of their weaponized nuke program.

Second, due to pressures being exerted by the American Department of Treasury, number of international concerns have seen the light and announced they will no longer conduct business with the Islamist Rapists. Some of these companies include giant oil and insurance conglomerates.

Only yesterday Lloyds Market Association reported London’s marine insurance market has added IRR to its list of areas considered high risk which would make doing business with the Islamist Rapists much less profitable and much more expensive for IRR.

Adding the above to the current legislations pending imminent passage by both Houses of Congress and the divestment movement by states and others all point to IRR having been put on the top of to do list.

The unanswered question remains if the aim is for a short-term fix or a long-term cure. All the talk about backing the new improved Islamist Rapists who have all become born-again Jeffersonians would be short-term fix in line with pennywise and pound foolish.

The only permanent fix which would give ME a chance at establishing peace is regime change through airtight sanctions which includes oil and openly helping the fed up Iranian people with moral and material support to overthrow IRR lock, stock and barrel.

Time for pussyfooting is long past.









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Mien Führer

by Fred on

Count me out of your "hopefully war" wish.


another good news for fred


AIPAC meetings all day this week to force Obama to airtight sanction Iran (and hopefully war)!