A solution to get ride of " Hijab"

by frazaghi

Dear Friends

Here is a suggestion.

They say "Hijab " is to cover the hair because it is " Haram" for women to show it to " Na-Mahram".

Now , what if they (Women) shave their hair totally and leave nothing. Would it be O.K then to go out without this so-called "hijab".

In this case there is no hair left for " Na-mahram" to see and the problem is resolved.

Please let me know what you think of this.

Ba doroode farvan be hame shoma


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by Majid on



Take a minute and read my blog That I posted about 10 days ago.



Sheila K

shaving head is not enough

by Sheila K on

Hejab is not about covering hair alone. A woman has to cover her feminine shape from head to toe, including neck area, ears, below chin, breast area,....even her ankles. At least that's what we were taught at school.


how about just dress as men? - a reverse tootsie-role!

by MM on

That is just what we need; A gender-checker police.


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by tomparling04 on

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If I'm not mistaken, there

by benross on

If I'm not mistaken, there was a movie made in Iran in which a woman character had a shaved hair, therefore without hijab obligation. Powerful statement. But if we had the power to engage all women to shave their head, we could topple IRI without shaving!



by yolanda on

Only buddhist nuns shave heads.....please don't make girls shave.......looking attractive is not a crime...

IRI should abolish hijab law unconditionally! IRI should change, not Iranian women!