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Iraj khan 'aziz

by Frashogar on

Action, reaction, solution is the dynamic paradigm by which everything in Western capitals operates these days because it is the modus operandi of Empire. I won't say anything further about this but keep your eyes and ears open and scrutinize everything NIAC and Trita Parsi say and do with a fine tooth comb.

iraj khan

Parsi splits the difference

by iraj khan on

when you say:

"I am 100% against war but I put 90% of the blame of a war on the regime in Iran."

So, it makes it 50/50 and it make sense.

U.S. military does not want a war with Iran.

Iran does not want to have a war with us.

The whole world doesn't want a war but Israel.

Day and night polluting the air with their Warmongering.

I'm just saying,



Iraj Khan

by seannewyork on

How about pushing back on the Iranian regime that is itching to start a war?  How come NIAC never pushes back against them.  How come its always the US, West, Israel that are our problems.  I am 100% against war but I put 90% of the blame of a war on the regime in Iran.

How about we concentrate on who creates the problem and support the people taking it out by the roots?  We cant control us or israel but we can revolt against our regime.

iraj khan

به کجای این شب تیره بیاویزم..

iraj khan

Jenabe Frashogar,

I, along with thousands of other Iranian Americans need a voice to represent us in Washington to push back against Israel lobby that is itching to start a war between U.S. and Iran.

A war with a devastating results for Iranians, Americans and people of the region, hence, I support those voices be it Trita Parsi's, NIAC's or any other individuals or organizations. 

Also, Mr Trita Parsi has done his homework when it comes to the Treacherous relationship between Iran-U.S.-Israel. 



by Frashogar on

I disagree with the reasons NIAC and Mr Parsi are attacked on this site but I have my own questions about NIAC and Mr Parsi. This guy and his organization to me are not credible and antiwar folks should be just as much on their guard as the pro-war hawks.

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

brilliant analysis

of the dire situation involving U.S. and Iran 

by a true son of Iran. 

Thanks for posting it here.


Thanks FA

by Demo on

for your acknowledgment. It was very kind of you.

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

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