Why not just introduce an Islamic Inquistion while you are at it?


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“When they fall,” Muhammad said of the Khalifa family, which has ruled for two centuries, “there will be blood. I don’t want it to happen. Our blood is not cheap. But I don’t see it happening any other way. They just know brutality. That’s their language

Substitute "the cleric"s for "they" land Khamenei for Khalifa in the above quote from Bahrain and you could be describing Iran.

The clerics demanded total power and stole it from the Iranian people after they ousted the Shah.

As history suggested and as everyone predicted, having political power did corrupt Iran's ruling clerics totally. Theocracy has been a disaster for the people. The mullahs have ruined the country, brutalized the people and deprived Iranians of what should have been a bright future. Because of such misdeeds--so widespread as to be mpossible to conceal--Iran's "holy men" have irrevocably lost all respect and are deeply despised today.

The greatest irony of the Islamic Revolution is that it has secularized the young through such revulsion. A large portion of Iran's youth are fed up with religion and Islam itself. Who made them that way? Not foreigners. The people havce had enough "religion" to last ten lifetimes.

Irans know how far oil-less Turkey and South Korea (the latter without an ounce of raw materials) have surpassed Iran since 1979 when the mullahs stole the revolution. There can no other explanation than misrule and policies that alienate Iran from the rest of the world. Now we see young Arabs acquiring rights we can only envy. How long will it take before they too overtake us economically.

Under the mullahs we have no hope and no future. All Khamenei and the mullahs care about is accumulating and preserving their power and wealth--just like western popes in the Renaissance.

Khamenei sees himself as a God and the people as trash to be stomped on when--not if-- they rightfully complain. Sacriligeously he equates himself with Allah. We see this when he claims trhe right to arbitraily charge anyone who criticizes all this crwith "crimes against God," and sentence them to death for it.

Why not just introduce an Islamic Inquisition as well


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You speak the truth. I enjoy reading your blogs. I share with you the frustration and dispair about the current situation in Iran. I also agree with your analyses. Pleae keep writing.