Why No One Believes the Regime: A List of Goebbels-Style Whoppers


by FG
Why no one believes the Regime:


--"Iran Panel Says Prison Rape Charges Are False"

--"85% Election Turnout "Proves" People Love Khamenei's Islamic Republic"

--"The Election was the Most Honest and Fair in History."

--"Foreign Agents Are Behind All the Demonstrations"

--"No One Tortured Prisoners to Confess"

--"Prisoners Voluntarily Confessed Because They Were So Impressed With the Kindness of Their Guards."

--"Prisoners Lost Weight Because They Were Treated to Healthy Diets."

--"Opposition Leaders Got 100 Young People Drunk and Drugged and then
Sent Them Out to Kill Demonstrators so the Regime Would Look Bad."

--"Only 29 People Were Killed During Demonstrations and 20 of them were Basilj Though We Can't Name the Latter."

COMMENT: Some of the Above Are Direct Quotes. Others accurate
paraphrase arguments put forth by the Khamenei despotism and its


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Someone needs to translate, print and distribute

by FG on

Someone needs to translate the above into Iranian, print hundreds of copies and place them everywhere. Those who do so must be careful of course.

GRAFFITI AS PROTEST: Needle the regime.  Give the oppressed public something to cheer them up.  Show some imagination. Keep the basilj busy cleaning up and let a grinning public watch and jeer.

If you like any of the above, they's have to be translated into Iranian as well.  However, it might be nice to make a few big posters in English and have masked posters pose for YouTube videos.

Graffiti #1: Karroubi = Saint   Khamenei = Satan

Gfraffiti #2: Khamenei treats the Iranian People Worse Than Israelis Treat Palestinians

Graffiti #3: Khamenei: Supreme Rapist, Coward, Torturer and Murderer

Graffiti #4: Moral behavior clearly is not required of a Supreme Leader

Graffiti #5: No Justice, No Peace (plagiarized)

INVITATION TO READERS: Come up with a few of your own and post them here.   Enjoy yourself.

QUDS DAY RECOMMENDATION: The Palestinian one would be espiecially stinging if placed everywhere possible on the night befor Quds day.  Some Basilj will have to be diverted for cleanup.   Those reluctant to march can just stand around grinning as they watch secuirty forces react.

TACTICS: Lookouts are essential.  Don't wear green.  Hit every available surface: walls, pavements, even steets, street signs, pictures of Khamenei or Ahmadinejad, rocks and roads in the countryside.

Give the regime more than it can handle.