Why Iran's people are fortunate to have their present rulers


by FG

It is the good fortune of Iran's people that they are ruled by Allah's hand-picked representatives on earth.  God loves the Islamic Repubic, no matter how brutal, corrupt, venal and thieving its leaders may be. 

Does it matter if the educational system plummets, the economy goes belly up, human rights are totally forbidden and Iran's Supreme Leaders have kept Iran from reaching its great potential for 30 years now?   No!

As Khamenei observes, "the common people should not be bothered by temporal concerns like how long they must wait for a paycheck, whether they can pay next month's rent or whether they have food on their tables   These are distracting temporal concerns and reflect temptations encouraged by Satan."

Khamenei is right to point out what counts--life in the next world, not this one.  He offers superb advice: The best way to guarantee a wonderful afterlife is to obey those chosen by God and question nothing.  

Iranians should never be upset if Khamenei and friernds have accumulated wealth even Croesus would envy.   Their leaders got "stuck" with such luxuries as part of their battle against Satan.  Rather than complaining, Iran's people should thank leaders who endure such sacrifices to protect the people from similar temptations. 

Llike most of the ruling elite,  Khemenei started out in poverty.  Khamenei likes to remind the people about that so they will identify with him. You can read his biography--complete with a "sissy boy" photo from his youth--on the Supreme Leader's website.  

The Islamist system changed everything for the Khameneis ("Thank you, Allah!").  Over 30 years, the family accumulated more than $36 Billion (No, not million!)--more temptation than they can ever spend.  Other members of the ruling elite have suffered similar afflictions.  Some uncharitable critics decry that and wrongly charge good people with corruption.

Rather than cry about payless paydays, Iran's workers should thank Allah for allowing them to breath the same air as Allah's chosen representatives on earth.  The latter includes so many noble figures--the Larinjanis, the Yadzis, Ahman Khatami, Janatti, Jafari, Taeb, etc.  These men are genuine martyrs--forced to endure the tribulations that go with riches and power in order to save Iran's people from a similar fate.  

Skeptics may ask, "But is there any proof that Khamenei's rule and the Islamic Repubic actually reflects Allah's will?"   Iran's people have the best proof of all--Khamenei's very own word. Thus, as Larinjani and others warn, to merely to question such things is a "crime against God" sufficient for a death sentence.

Bad people also claim that Khamenei and his pals have behaved immorally and against Islam.  They say he rigs elections, beats, rape, torture and murder critics, encourages and protect death squads, sends alleged thugs to trash the houses and mosques of dissenting clerics and even torture family member of dissenters in order to induce "confessions."

Let's suppose Khamenei actually did such things. In a normal context, his critics would be right.  Fortunately, one of the powers Allah granted Khamenei was the Ability to Detect Evil.  That includes the presence of "Satan's minions" cleverly disguised as humans (Neda, Karoubbi, Montezeri, etc.).

When Allah speaks directly to Khamenei and says, "Get rid of this guy, or torture that kid," Khamenei must do as instructed.


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Great satire. thanks.

by vildemose on

Great satire. thanks.