Why Hamas is rapidly backing away from Iran-i-fication


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If Hamas wants to survive it must change. Its leaders apparently recognize that an overwhelming majority of people in the Gulf have arrived at the same conclusion--that strict and undemocratic Islamist rule sucks. Let a single hair stray out of place or grumble aloud in public and you are off to jail. Iranians aren't the only ones who can't stand it. Iraq's Kurds described life under Ansar Al-Islam as "hell on earth" and Iraq Sunnis turned on Al Queda after a dose of hard-line Islamist rule. Now Palestinians in Gaza are becoming restive. A story in the Washington Post describes what they had been putting up with (and it will sound very familiar to Iranians):

"Since seizing Gaza, Hamas had largely silenced opponents and tried to impose stricter religious rules on an already conservative society. Modesty squads asked young couples seen in public to show proof of marriage, told beachgoers to put on more clothes and ordered shopowners to cover up mannequins. High school girls came under pressure from teachers to wear headscarves.

"In recent months, there’s been a change in atmosphere, say rights activists and even political rivals of Hamas."


Huda Naim, a Hamas legislator, said the movement took its cues from the pro-democracy revolts sweeping the Arab world, but also has learned it needs to be more tolerant of others.

The trend is affecting Hamas' foreign relations as well. Hezbollah may still be sticking by Assad in Syria, but Hamas seems to be distancing itself from a tainted regime. It has been closing offices in Damascus and withdrawing personnel--a move that has so angered Iran's ruling mullahs that they've reduced assistance to Hamas. Is this writer the only one who thinks that--like the attack on the British embassy--the effect will be the opposite of what Iranian policy makers intended?

As for how life seems to be changing in Gaza, check this out:

"At the beginning of the school year, when some high school girls complained about being ordered by principals to put on headscarves, the Education Ministry told schools that the girls are free to choose, he said."

Iran's hard-line mullahs would explode if that happened in Tehran, where "enforced social Islamization" has accelerated since crushing the post-election protests (another resentment building move). Hamas must change because it is far more vulnerable than Iran's thug-reinforced mullocracy or Lebanon's gun-heavy Hezbollah. Hamas' leaders see which ships are likely to float and which are doomed. Popular rage against ALL dictators, whether in a turban or wearing western suits and ties, has made a huge impression ( especially the once "unthinkable" events happening in Syria). Many Islamists are struck by the widespread popularity of Erdogan's Islamist party in democratic Turkey and want the same. They see its source--moderation, lack of corruption and economic competence--everything the brutal Iranian model lacks.

Hamas is getting pressure from Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to "lighten up" on tyrannical tendencies. That's doesn't surprise me. The MB doesn't want election opponents pointing to Gaza or Iran and warning voters, "This is how you will end up if you elect Islamists." The MB prefers to point to Turkey and proclaim: "This is where we'd like to take you INSTEAD."

EXCERPT FROM THE POST STORY: Fawaz Gerges, head of the Middle East Center at the London School of Economics, said he believes the Brotherhood is moderating Hamas, but that the Islamists in Gaza are also evolving. “They realized that their wooden rhetoric no longer applies, that in the aftermath of the Arab Awakening, Palestinian public opinion demands a different behavior,” he said.


Even if one or two of Iran's ruling mullahs understands the need for similar changes, they must know it is to late. Nothing can win back the public now. All they can do is continue to stomp on fingers, break bones and smash in faces. Here is a link to the Washington Post story entitled:

"Hamas says it’s halting heavy-handed attempts to suppress dissent, impose strict Islamic rule"



Everyone says Assad's inevitable fall will add greatly to the mullahs' isolation. The trend is Gaza suggests another blow a'comin'. The mullahs' response her--as everywher--is heavy handed (cutting off supplies). Again, the consequence is opposite to what was intended. Meanwhile a sympathetic Russian government may be headed for its own "White Spring," the West is more alienated than intended (thanks to another heavy handed move) and Arab neighbors don't trust a word from a regime that tries to set up mini-Hezbollahs everywhere and sends thugs out to shoot ambassadors and blow up capitals. Soon the regime's only friends left in the Gulf region may be Lebanon's Hezbollah Iraq's Al-Sadr.


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Iranians must copy Syria's general strike when next demos start

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What can Basilj thugs do?  Beat up everyone who stays hope or closes shop?


Strike in Syria targets economy, Assad's backers



BEIRUT (AP) — Syrians closed their
businesses and kept children home from school Monday as part of a
general strike, a powerful show of civil disobedience to pressure President Bashar Assad to end his 9-month-old crackdown on a popular uprising.

open-ended strike takes direct aim at the country's already ailing
economy. It is designed to erode Assad's main base of support — the new
and vibrant merchant classes who have benefited in recent years as the
president opened up the economy.

If the economy continues to collapse, Assad could find himself with few allies inside the country,...


Activists said a new round of clashes between Syrian troops and army
defectors began Sunday with a major battle in the south and spread to
new areas Monday, raising fears the conflict is spiraling toward civil

... Amid the violence, the government pushed ahead with municipal elections
that the opposition has dismissed as a meaningless concession that falls
far short of their demands for Assad to give up power.


1. Will Assad still be in power when Iran's parliamentary elections are held?

2. If not, what effect will Assad's fall have on the regime and on a disgruntled population.?

3. If Iraq tries to use Iraq to replace Assad's role in supporting the mullahs, won't the Saudis are others respond by supporting their "own" factions in Iraq?

4. In that case won't Iran find itself in a swamp at the worst possible time and--since Iran is right next door--won't opponents of Iran-i-zation respond to Iran's meddling by launching attacks inside the mullah's home territory?  Will they form alliances with disgruntled Iranians and arm them?

Meddling is a game Iran loves to play in neighboring countries.  Alas, that can work both ways as neighbors return the favor.



Excerpts from New Iranian Dictionary applied to news items

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IRAN-I-FICATION (noun)-- 1. imposition of extreme Islamist rule on a people or nation, a goal once widely sought by muslims throughout Middle East but now a model whose emulation most seek to avoid;  2. a process in which a state or people is transformed into a harsh dictatorship led by ruling clerics who combine a Borgia-style absolute leader with methods derived from Adolph Hiter, Joseph Stalin and Nicollo Machiavelli..   The term should never be confused with adaptation of Iranian culture or cultural ways, both of which are major targets for advocates of iran-i-fication; v: to iranify.

DEIRAN-I-FICATION (noun)-the process, now widespread, of having one's illusions about the benefits of Iran--i-fication totally removed; v: to deiran-i-fy.

DE-MULLIFICATION (noun)--the process of losing one's love or admiration for mullahs--a process usually set in motion by overexposure, especially in a political or governing sense.   Syn: de-iran-i-fication; v: de-mullify.

DE-ISLAMIFICATION: (noun) A process ironically set up motion via the rule of extreme Islamists seeking to exploit a people by making them more religious.  Its effect is to transform naive individuals, one ripe for the picking, into stalwart atheists and agnostics, fervert Christians, adoring Zoroastrians, etc. v: de-Islamify.

GREAT SATAN: (noun) 1. A term commonly at present by both Iranians and their neighbors to designate Iran's mullocracy or its dictator, a cleric self-designated as Supreme Leader. 2. (antiquated)  Term originally applied to the USA by advocates of mullification.

BASILJ: (noun) a militia once formed by advocates of Iran-i-fication for defending the regime from outside threats but now used primarily for defending hard line mullahs against the rage of their own people.  Historical counterparts:see Hitler's brownshirts.

IRCG: (noun): A mullahcratic initiative inspired by Stalin's Cheka/ NKVD/ KGB or Hitler's SS.  Both swore allegiance to a particular party and to its leader, unlike real armies who swear allegiance to the nation and it people instead.


RELATED & JUICY NEWS ITEMS: Monday December l2th

(Note: The Iranian people and external observers should feel free to use the items in the New Iranian Dictionary creatively when reporting on developments in Iran, as demonstrated in the news items below)



President Ahmadinejad's visit to Sari in northern Iran has had a glitch --- Shafaf reports that a worker has thrown his shoes at the President, protesting that he has not having received his unemployment benefits.

The shoe-thrower was reportedly laid off from a textile factory in the northern city of Sari. His shoes missed Ahmadinejad.

(Source: Enduring America or EA)


Ayatollah Khamenei, meeting staff members, has
spoken of the need to maintain the religious faith of Iran's people , eradicating the "disease" of protests that beset the country after the 2009 Presidential election.

SOURCE: Enduring America

TRANSLATION: Khamenei wishes to stem the natural and inevitable consequences stemming from popular revulsion of the sort that sets in everywhere ruled by hard-line Islamists. 


1. Pumping up propaganda (Iranians have become immunized);

2. Increased censorship (people can evade it these days, as should be evident from observing Russia, Syria, Libya, etc.

3. Placing more security forces and religious police on the streets, in coffee houses and at ski resorts (that will surely inspire love)

4. Increasing "Islamic" education in the schools (easily countered by disgruntled families at home or by snickering peers once the school day ends)

5. Assigning more Basilj to the schools at all levels to intimidate and spy on students (also guaranteed to produce love of mullah rule)

Sample #3 (Return to my original headline)



Iranians have come to suspect that the Supreme Leader wears a "lucky turd" under that turban the way some people carry a rabbit's foot on a chain.  I gather the intent is to ward off growing forces sucking him toward hell.  Meanwhile Khanenei's neighbors squirm desperately to gain a few inches of breathing space the discomfort visible on their faces as they hope the subtle move won't be noticed. 

My suspicions have been confirmed.  Check out Ayatollah Jannatti--that sly fox! By comparison, Ahmadinejad appears to suffer from sensory deprivation.



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Great News, FG

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Thanks for your blog.


Another observation & "the fate of Iran's wounded"

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Hamas was supposed to be the Palestinian Hezbollah--another extension of mullah power into the land of the Arabs.   It looks like that scheme is going awry. 

Every Gulf State with suspicions of the mullahs' schemes must be jumping for joy at this trend.


Iranians and the world media have always paid much attention to those killed by the mullahs in the post election protests.    Most people have no idea of what has happened to the thousands of people wounded by the mullahs' thugs. It's a fascinating story and EA has translated a report from Kalemeh:


Iran Interview Special: What Has Happened to the 1000s Wounded After the Election?




 Three of us got shot in the head with shotguns by security forces. One
man in plainclothes was also shooting at us with a Colt. We didn't
expect the police to shoot at us. Just as I saw them shooting at us, the
man sitting next to me got shot in the face. I turned to help him and
my back was towards the shooters when I was hit on the back of my head
and the rest of my body. In totally, 150 shotgun pellets struck me.


 When I was in Iran, the people who had taken over my responsibility
handed my half-paralyzed body over to the intelligence police on a
wheelchair on Moalem Street. After questioning, they sent me to the
Enghelab Court with a guard and was handed over to an investigator of
the 10th Branch of the Enghelab Court. There, before the intelligence
police could question me, I said that I wanted to complain about the
security forces for shooting me. The representative of the intelligence
police started beating me in front of the investigator and the court
clerk. I fell off the wheelchair.

FG ASKS: Speaking of forgotten victims of mullah outrages, when is someone going to interview some of the women who were blinded or disfigured for life in a campaign to force tens of thousands of women who objected to the hajib to fall in line.  The chosen method was acid in the face.

Maybe, when the regime is gone, investigating journalists are unleashed and the trials start, someone will interview the relatives of the Abadan fire and survivors (if any).