While once poor countries grow rich, Iran's per capita income has plummeted over 30 years of Islamist bungling


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As a NY Times artricle notes this was a banner year for four emeging economies--India, China, Brazil and Russia. 

The article does NOT even mention Iran, a country that--with such great human and material resources--should be miles ahead of at least three of the above if not ruled by corrupt, incompetent and thieving bunglers.  The regime's wealth-squandering economic "crimes" are just as extreme as it's grotesque anti-human crimes that totally suppress all freedom and human rights.


Over 30 years per capita income has actually gone down drastically in Iran under an Islamist oligarchy headed by Khamenei as absolute ruler.  Compare that to what once poor China and Russia have done over the last decade alone.  You wouldn't recognize many parts of those countries.   They are starting from much further back but if present trends continue, the Iranian people will be left in the dust holding beggar bowls.

To grow rich Iran needs foreign investment, production of usable goods and markets where people will buy them.  It will never, never, never happen underr this regime.

From sheer revulsion, people in free countries will avoid buying anything "made in Iran" except the unavoidable so long as this repulsive regime exists.   To do otherwise would be like endorsing its crimes.  Our purchases would only finance more gulag constuction for journalists and human rights workers and regime critics.  Everyone knows that our purchases would only provide more arms, clubs and whips for its security thugs to use on a brutalized people.

As for investing in Iran, its unthinkable given the chaos, the endemic corruption, bribery, the incompetence and the IRCG/clerical monopoly of wealth.  Here too, revulsion also plays a part.


Iran has no economic future so long as the present regime exists.   Payless paydays will continue forever otherwise except for well-paid security forces and well-fed extremist clerics.  These are the theme the opposition must emphasize more in future demonstrations to draw working class allies. 

It is also the best reason to hold a general strke which can oust this regime and is hard to combat with clubs.  Yes, it will increases short-run suffering it but if successful it can provide hope for the future--of which Iran has zero now. 

Otherwise, the economic suffering will reach the same low point but over a much longer time.   Getting rid of this regime is equivalent of getting rid of a curable cancer--painful but far better than the alternative.

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Strategy suggestions for the opposition

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Workers don't relate to rights issues as well as bread and butter issues.  Many have been unpaid for weeks or months.

Give the thugs to much to handle.  Instead of concentrating at squares and universities, demonstrate at work places carrying signs that emphasize the above themes.  Thus, the opposition gets a two-bagger, attracting the working class and overextending security forces further.

It's also possible to spread copies of message with similar themes or have sympathetic workers to do, preferably on the sly so regime spies can't grab them.


"You have no economic future under this corrupt regime"

"Payless Paydays will go as long as this regime lasts"

"Khamenei's thugs beat strikers, jail union leaders," etc.

"What is holy about a thieving regime?"