Syrian defector says FSA killed 40 Basilj and 120 Hezbollah in Syria


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The mullahs continue to isolate themselves from everyone with every move they make--from the West, from Arab neighbors and from the Iranian people. 


--How did they expect to get away with this or keep it a secret? 

--Who will get most ticked off by this news? 

--Why won't denials work?

--How rapidly will this report spread given the well-earned Iranophobia that already exists among almost neighbors? (The latter refers to local attitudes toward an ambitious regime and its tactics, not toward Iran's people).

Like the British embassy attack or the effort to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington and kill a few dozen Americans in the process, the arrogant mullahs have made another boneheaded move.  Here is a lnk to  this story:




Neighbors already have so many grievances against the aggressive mullahs who constantly attempt to create new Hezbollahs everywhere.  They also deeply upset by the Washington plot.  And now there is this.  Do you doubt Arab leaders will find the story credible in the context. of the regime's other aggressive regional schemes, like the interception of weapons and capture of Al Quds trainers on the way to Yemen? 


The story will spread rapidly and undermine Assad further.  When Assad is gone, the Syrian people won't forget the mullah's treachery.


This special obstacle--this "We'll help you if you help us" mutual assistance program the mullahs and their nearby surrogates in neighboring countries seem to have when they run in to trouble--is what creates special problems for Iranians seeking freedom and human rights, problems that most Arab Spring demonstrators don't face except in Syria and eventually Lebanon and Iraq.   

Iranians have long suspected, based on his known tendencies and past history, that Khamenei used imported Hezbollah types from Lebanon to stomp his people and enable the regime's survival after rigging the election.  They and his well-paid Basilj are ideal for such distasteful tasks that might alienate regular troops and lead to defections.  I'd say the real surprise would be if he failed to use such imports against the Irnian people. Consider his pattern of sending or using similar types, along with weapons and trainers) to crush neighbors who would prefer not to suffer radical Islamist rule.  The mullahs have done so in Iraq, Afghanistan, yemen, on as well as parts of Africa. 

Hence, this report from a Syrian Army defector tends to confirm exactly what Iranians long have suspected.  The more unpopular Iran's mullahs become, the more such assistance they are likely to call upon.  In turn, their own security forces become less dependable, much like Assad's counterparts who despise such "imported help" and see in it one more motive for defection.


The FSA needs to capture a few of Khamenei's "voluteers" and ship them off to Turkey for exposure on world media. 

Khenenei's regime has a public relations problem.  It has been caught on camera and on blogs committing so many shameful and public crimes that no one believes anything from this regime anymore. The best example of such idiocy is how, after murdering a now famous female demonstrator, hard line mullah rulers ordered their media spread six incompatible but "true" stories lies about "who did it'--even blaming fellow protestors and her finance or suggesting suicide. 

In the meantime Khamenei dispatched the usual thugs to beat up on the family, discourage a funeral and go after any mourners then and since.  Attacks on families and funerals are a standard practice under these ruling "holy men," these high models of moral behavior.  No wonder this regime and its leaders are so deeply loved inside and outside the country.



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re: your "YaLibnan" link seems to have a virus.

I guess you don't want folks to read it.  

I haven't had any problem.  Don't worry, your chances of containing the story are a thousand to one.  It's too juicy. 

I've already pointed out three nice ways Khamenei's aid to Assad will backfire as the news gets around..

Shazde Asdola Mirza

FG: your "YaLibnan" link seems to have a virus.

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   Is Syrian Regime

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Activists want satellite companies to cut Iran state programs

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IRANIANS SAY: Why should a government that leads the world in jamming incoming programs from its own people be allowed a free ride in exporting its own propaganda?  That's a good question.



Analysis: EU Will Probably Ban Imports of Tehran's Oil

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"The UK Embassy takeover in Tehran seems to have been a critical turning point."

COMMENT: Add the Washington plot-- the Embassy takeover was another blunder stemming from the "we can get away with any outrage" delusions of Iran's hard like extremist rulers.  At home, this attitude expressed itself in equally "successful" decisions regarding the 2009 election and afterwards. 

QUESTION: I'd like to hear from Iranians as to what the likely effect would be on Iran's regime should such a ban pass and how long it would take to see major effects.



Now for other news items and commentary (source: Enduring America).

REGIME DENIES ANOTHER CRIME: Iranian State media has responded to the
re-appearance on video and photographs of American Robert Levinson, who
went missing in Kish Island in March 2007, with a denial that the matter
has anything to do with Tehran.

Press TV offers a one-line assertion,
without any evidence, "The released footage of the missing ex-FBI
agent, Robert Levinson, indicates he may be held hostage in Pakistan or
Afghanistan despite previous US claims that he was arrested by Tehran."

LOGICAL QUESTION: Who shipped him to Pakistan from Iran's tightly controlled police state?


MORE INFLATED BOASTS: ...prominent legislator, Esmail Kowsari  warns that, if another drone tries an overflight, Iran “will target every US military base anywhere in the world.” 

QUESTIONS: I'm reminded of how cats snare, puff up their fur and enlarge their tails to appear bigger when they meet a big dog.  Didn't Saddam and Khaddaffi behave similarly?

We get another proposal that would surely backfire if put into practice.  Maybe they'd be dumb enough to try.  Could they use the "million-man Basilj" Khamenei hopes to raise, mainly for people control at home, regardless of claims to the contrary.  Motivating enough recruits to sign up could be difficult however. 


WHY THE REGIME FUSSES OVER THE DOWNED DRONE: "... the primary aim of both Supreme Leader and Government is to divert
attention from other far-from-minor issues, say the economy and
political in-fighting, in the Islamic Republic. It is the spectre of a
smack at the American bogeyman, rather than a real showdown, that serves
this perpetual aim." (EA)

OBSERVATION: The last sentence reminds me of the way Amir, lover of "secular monarchy" (whatever that is) by promoting mullah-style xenophobia against western secular AND democratic countermodels.  We get a hint of what he'd prefer is his praise of Samoza, Khadaffi, Mubarek whose downfall he deplores.  

By the way, aren't ALL official monarchies "secular" in the sense the word "monarchy" is generally used by historians? 

Amir imagines the word "secular" by itself is sufficient to attract Iranians without any of the accompanying goodies found in the West. Why, if they can have Reza, should they also want democracy, human rights, free press and speech, an honest judiciary or restrictions on police behavior?  I suppose they are getting greedy after two successive dictatorial regimes.