Supreme Leader 'Yazid' Khamenei boasts of "16 crimes I personally approved" then commits more


by FG


NOTE: Not included are Khamenei's most recent crimes, such as these two attacks today:

1415 GMT: Kalemeh is reporting that Zahra Rahnavard, the wife of Mir Hossein Mousavi, was beaten in Sadeghieh Square by a group of basijis. People helped her scape by making a human chain around her.  (Khamenei to Basilj: "Beat her up and teach her a lesson").

Mehdi Karoubi’s son confirms to CNN his father was attacked. Doctor treating him for tear gas burns to his eyes.


1. "A blanket detention order that allow police to take anyone into custody at any time for as long as prefer could not exist UNLESS I PERSONALLY APPROVED."

(For details see: // 

2. "Journalists, human rights workers and critical politicians and clerics could be arrested and tortured UNLESS I PERSONALLY APPROVED.  The same goes for the policy of arresting relatives to put pressure on such scum."

3. "Vigilates who raid and trash the dorms, homes and mosques of my critics, and who have attacked or assassinated top Green leaders and those close to them could not operate WITHOUT MY PERSONAL APPROVAL." 

4. "If the police stand by and watch without arresting my thugs, it is because I PERSONALLY APPROVED." "

5. "If men under my command seize the bodies of those murdered on my orders and threaten families who complain, or if they dump such bodies into mass graves, it is BECAUSE I PERSONALLY APPROVED." 

6. "The IRCG could not set up dozens of secret prisons for the above WITHOUT MY PERSONAL APPROVAL." 

7. "Every technique used by masked IRCG interrogators there and my close buddies (Taeb) REQUIRED MY PERSONAL APPROVAL."

8. "Rigged trials for any arrested critics could not occur UNLESS I PERSONALLY APPROVED.  The same goes for long sentences and executions for crimes against God (meaning myself)"

9. "Death squads who kindly murdered troublesome dissenters--including Khoumeini's younger son--between 1988 and 1998 could not have done so WITHOUT MY PERSONAL APPROVAL.  You will recall what I did when the filthy media exposed my tools.  I provided protection afterward, introduced new laws restricting press freedom and arrested, beat and murdered students who protested."
10. "The rigging of Ahmadinejad's first election "victory" could not have occurred UNLESS I APPROVED.  The same goes for my even more blatant theft in the second election."

11. "You can tell from my silence and lack of reprimand that I APPROVED when my good friend Mesbah Yazdi issued a pre-election fatwa commanding such rigging as mandatory under Islam.  After all, I speak for Islam and would have had to say something if Yazdi's fatwa wa incorrect."

12. "You can also deduce from the way I resisted pre-election demands for safeguards against rigging that I PERSONALLY APPROVED what was to happen today.   Didn't I tell those who complained that "there already are sufficient safeguards?"

14. "I PERSONALL APPROVDED the theft of $36 billion and every one of the Shah's former palaces for myself and my lucky family ("Allah be praised!)." 

15. "In return for supporting my theft, I PERSONALLY APPROVED the theft of multi-millions each by dozens of my hardline supporters."

16. "In return for helping myself and my fellow clerics accumulate so much, I PERSONALLY GRANTED a monopoly over the economy to my tools in the IRCG."



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