This is sick! Should demonstrators start carrying 2 x 4's in self-defense?


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Look at what Khamenei's thugs did to demonstrators yesterday in Zamjan. 

"Older women tried to prevent the arrest of young men by throwing themselves on them, and were severely beaten by officers who "to drag the young men away, the Web site reported.

"The police in Zanjan, a city of mostly Turkish speakers, tried to prevent a mourning ceremony by locking the mosque where the ceremony was to be held and attacking mourners who chanted outside it, Jaras reported.

“The police beat people with such violence that many suffered from broken legs, arms and noses,” the Web site reported. There were many arrests, Jaras said. to prevent a mourning ceremony by locking the mosque where the ceremony was to be held and attacking mourners who chanted outside it, Jaras reported.


The Basilj are cowards with no morals.  So long as they have a monopoly over clubs, they will continue to pound on every unarmed demonstrator they can, regardless of age or gender.  It's time for demonstrators, who vastly outnumber the Basilj, to start carrying their own clubs, make it clear they will own use them to defend themselves go after any regime thug who targets them.  Time also to wear masks.  

So long as the Basilj can commit such horrors with no fear of reprisal, they will do so.  How clear must their message be?  Once a Basilj attacks any demonstrator, let the people close in on him and beat him mercilessly.  They'll get the message when a few dozen Basilj in each city go home with broken arms and heads.  They've never had to deal with that before.  At least there will be a lot of satisfaction in it for the people.  By contrast the Basilj do what they do out of sick sadism.  Like the Supreme Satan and the Yadzi's they seem to get "off" on it.  I suspect they go home and brag, "Man, did I hit that bitch!" 

As for Khamenei--that total scumbag--I can picture him watching videos of his Basilj in action, much as Hitler watched German generals being strangled with piano wire after Operation Valkyrie failed.

Of course the Basilj can always carrying guns and shoot into the crowd but if they do they surely know that'll be it for the regime.  Anyone Basilj caught doing so should be rushed and beaten to death.

In event the regime's thugs do being shooting into crowds, expect mutiny in the military ranks.   ARMED soldiers will almost certainly join the demonstrators to protect them.


The people in Zamjan are of Turkish background.  The Turks are very sensitive to the treatment of their kin, such as the Turkomen in Iraq's Kurdistan.  It's time to appeal to Turkey against Iran's brutality in Zamjan.  Iran had been making headway in its relations with Turkey.   Let them become just that much more isolated instead.


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Moral "Role Model" Commits More Crimes Against People, Clergy

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(Khamenei's philosophy: "I'd beat my mother to death with a hammer if that's what it took to hang on to power.") 

In Isfahan, pro-regime basiji militiamen used batons, chains, and stones to beat mourners who gathered at the city's main mosque to remember Montazeri, the spiritual mentor of the Iranian opposition, whose websites reported the clashes. (SHOULD THE PEOPLE CARRY CHAINS AS WELL AS 2 x 4 CLUBS TO GIVE BASILJ A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE?)

“While people were reciting the Quran [in the mosque], plainclothed forces attacked them and threw tear gas into the mosque yard and sprayed those inside with pepper spray after they closed the doors,” reported the reformist Parlemannews. “They severely beat the people inside,” then doused the clerical speaker with pepper spray and arrested him.

“Tens of thousands gathered outside for the memorial but were SAVAGELY ATTACKED by security forces and the basijis,” witness Farid Salavati told the Associated Press. He said that dozens were injured as riot police and vigilantes clubbed and kicked MEN AND WOMEN ALIKE– some in the face – and arrested 50 people who had gathered to mourn the grand ayatollah.


In Isfahan, the clashes on Wednesday portend more violence, as protesters and pro-government forces alike prepare for the religious peak of the Shiite calendar, Ashura, which falls on Sunday. By the end of the day on Wednesday, it was reported that the governor had announced a state of emergency and reportedly called in the military for help. (THE PEOPLE MUST INVITE THE SOLDIERS TO JOIN & DEFEND THEM AGAINST COUP GOVERNMENT. MAYBE SOME SOLDIERS WILL SHOOT CORRUPT OFFICERS)

“The regime has no alternative but to try to block the commemorations of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, because it has been state policy to demote him,” says Mehrdad Khonsari of the Center for Arab and Iranian Studies in London. “But given the events of the last six months, this only aggravates the situation [and] becomes a catalyst for more protests and is counter-productive.

“Every demonstration is a dress rehearsal for the next demonstration. Once Ashura is over next week, there will be more demonstrations,” says Mr. Khonsari. “The fact is there is no likelihood that these protests are going to come to an end anytime soon.” (BET ON IT!)


Pro-regime forces expanded their crackdown to include the two high-ranking reformist ayatollahs who might fill Montazeri’s shoes as spiritual guide to the opposition.

Security forces on Wednesday reportedly surrounded the compound of Ayatollah Jalaledin Taheri, the former Friday prayer leader for Isfahan. Originally appointed by Ayatollah Khomeini – the founder of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution – he resigned in 2002 in protest then at the direction the regime was going.


Taheri has called the June results “illegitimate,” and was the organizer of the Wednesday commemoration in Isfahan. Until he resigned, his sermons were sometimes disrupted by pro-regime vigilantes – the same ones he lambasted in his 2002 resignation letter as “louts and fascists, who are a mixture of ignorance and madness, but whose umbilical cord is connected to the center of power, and who are completely uncontrolled and beyond the law.”


Those same vigilantes and their more formal basiji militia brethren on Tuesday also attacked the offices of the pro-reform Grand Ayatollah Yusuf Saanei in Qom. They broke windows, insulted and beat up his staff, and put up posters of Khamenei, according to a report on the main reformist party website. Police prevented the staff from defending the premises.


“Montazeri was the spiritual leader of the Green Movement ... but the situation is really BEYOND THE NEED for having a spiritual person back this movement,” says Khonsari. “You don’t need a cleric to legitimize it. But the clerics are legitimizing their own positions by distancing themselves from the ruling establishment, to indicate THEY ARE IN TUNE WITH GENERAL ASPIRATIONS”

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clubs --> guns --> watch out: The hunted will become the hunter.

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The movement will be pushed up a notch if the demonstrators started carrying clubs, then guns ---> watch out: The hunted will become the hunter.

Where will you go then, Sayyed Ali and company? Syria, Lebanon or Palestine?  Or will you shape, shave and shower to live amongst “the infidels”.  

Brian Appleton

Agreed, everyone has the right to self defense

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Brian H. Appleton


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