Shocking details of Khamenei's wealth & luxury lifestyle


by FG

These details are priceless and deserve wide circulation on the net.  I suspect they were leaked by more than one fed-up guard or pot scrubber over a long period of time. Thus the part about hiking may have been true earlier but is now probably outdated. Otherwise details of Khamenei's wealth seem quite realistic however. The Supreme Leader has enough wealth he can afford to leave Iranians in peace and take off elsewhere. Alas, an old man who has never traveled outside the country since birth must find that hard to do. Khamenei's "I got mine" attitude resembles that of France's Louis XIV ("Apres moi le deluge). 

Details are in Farsi but with an English translation as well.  Those who can't wait for the Supreme Tyrant to leave this world may enjoy photos of his smoking habits as a young man in a subpost at the following site:


Who cares if the economy is a disaster and many workers have gone weeks or months without paychecks so long as the in-crowd lives in high style?   Hezbollah and rebels in Yemen and elsewhere aren't the only ones siphoning off wealth year after year under this "holy" regime.  As you read details of how well it has paid off for Khamenei try to visualize the wealth of top clerics like Janatti, Ahmed Khatami & Mesbah Yadzi. You can understand why such people repeatedly call for the blood of anyone who insists on human rights, a transparent government, a real economy rather than a feudal one and a free press to encourange transparency.  Why is the latter especially unwelcome?  Not just because of the violent and inhumane crimes if might expose, but especially because it might expose the never-ending thievery.


Any good muslim might fear the consequences in the afterlife if he committed so many horrific crimes and bathed in luxury while the masses starved.  Khamenei and thos around him seem to have no sucf fear. So long as they enjoy the high life here on this earth, they could care less about what happens to them in the afterlife.  The truth is that these guys don't believe in Islam at all.  Since Khoumeini died, Khamenei has simply Islamist ideology as a device to command undeserved respect. Stalin exploited communism in the same way after Lenin's death.  

Within a decade after such ideological revolutions, opportunists always rise to the top and eliminate the original true believers through one means or another. In place of Rafsanjani, Mousavi, Karroubi, Montezeri, Stalin had his own Zinoviev, Bukharin, etc. to wipe out.   He simply did faster and more brutally what Khamenei is doing a piece at a time.  Both leaders retaliated against relatives and family of perceived opponents.


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Distribute copies to working class, conservative heartland

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Until recently the opposition represented mainly students and the middle class in northern Tehran.  People saw the regime's brutality as giving a well-earned lesson to a bunch of snobs.  Now that is changing--too slowly--and not because opposition leaders have wised up. Thank an economy still headed downhill.  Thank the regime--too many friends, neighbors and family openly beaten in the heartland, too many crimes against well-respected clerics, their homes and mosques and families targeted (Ayatollah Teheri's son), shameless attacks on mourners and closing of mourning ceremonies.  A strong alliance with Iran's working class is badly needed now given the greatly increased repression since Ashura. Talk to them of bread and butter issues instead of lecturing them on human rights alone.  Show them just how badly they are being screwed by Khamenei. Swindled workers who still remain loyal to Khamenei's myths resemble American consumers who--out of patriotism--stayed loyal to GM and the American auto industry in its oligopoly days.  Refusing to buy foreign cars, no matter how well made, out of nationalistic loyalty they got thanked with mass-produced, overpriced junk.
  URGENT SUGGESTIONS FOR THE OPPOSITION 1. You must...widely distribute copies of the report on Khamenei's sumptious lifestyles in working class areas that once supported Ahmadinejkad.  My heading would be, "While you go payless, read up on how well Khamenei and his inner circle are doing."
  2. You must...keep reminding people of crimes committed against those the pious repect: reform clerics who refused to be bought off, the storming of their homes and mosques, the jailing and beating of union family members of clerics and opposition leaders are arrested solely to intimidate.

3. You must...continue to develop a present theme--asking the pious who better Islam and honesty?  Men like Karoubbi and Montazeri or men like Khamenei, Mojtaba, Janatti, etc.? 
  4. You must...stress that working people have NO HOPE AT ALL of a bright future unless the economy gets better and why that is impossible under the present completely corrupt rulers. 5. You more to acquire details about the wealth accumulated by other top clerics and security forces tied to the regime and expose details where all can see.   As in Khamenei's case, their are lots of resentful insiders willing to spill the beans.