Revealing Document: Khamenei CAREFULLY planned the slaughter of thousands


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Although the headline above aludes to a report about Khamenei's behavior in 1988, the man hasn't changed a bit. This is a great source of insight into Khamenei's conniving, ruthless character. Khamenei's critics say that today's crimes, brutal as they are, pale in comparison to those secretly carried out insideTehran and other city prisons during the past two decades. Those crimes suggest exactly what Khamenei will do to the Iranian people unless they shut up and accept his transition to totalitarian fascism. Remember that most Iranians had never heard of Ahmadinejad at the time. Thus, the present crimes as well as those of the past two decades lie at Khamenei's door.

What documents and interviews reveal clearly is that Khamenei carefully planned the mass slaughter of opponents months before he issued a fatwa commanding such action. According to the Iran Human Rights Documenation Center what distinguished the 1988 summer executions is:

-- the systematic way it was planned and carried out,

--the short time period in which it took place throughout the country

--the arbitrary method used to detemine victims,

--the sheer number of victims

--the fact the regime took extensive measures to deny that they took place.

Items three and five surely sound familiary today while the first item above recalls Khamenei's role in rigging the election.  Neither Moussavi nor Kourrabi would have been allowed to run if the Supreme Leader had any idea they'd draw so much support from a fed-up public. The rigged election was an improvisation, planned when the reform wave became too popular. I suspect the only reasons Khamenei hasn't engaged in a similar all-out slaughter... yet... are they he was caught off guard that this time too many prominent regime figures have joined the opposition. 

While the effort at secrecy is just as powerful--and the recent raids on Moussavi and Korroubi HQs show the same intent--the Internet and other forms of mass technology have thwarted the censors. Kamenei's thugs counted on seizing all embarrassing documents and failed.  Next time they may succeed unless the opposition acts now. It's time to release all embarassing materials--naming names--via multiple sources before its too late. The time for worrying about embarassing the Islamic Republic is over. Khamenei and his hardliners are incorrigible. They never intended to investigate anything and were stalling for time in the hope they could seize whatever the opposition had.

"Deadly Fatwa" is divided into six major sections:

First, the affiliation and membership of Khamenei's victims.

Second, the fatwa and Montazeri's opposition.

Third, preparations made over several months by the security services and the judicary for the upcoming slaughter.

Fourth, a description of the interrrogations, torture and executions as recounted by survivors and family members of Khamenei's victims.

Fifth, how Khamenei's regime disposed improperty of the victims and took steps against the families of victims.

Sixth, how the killings violated all international standards on human rights.

The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center is a source that all Iranians should be familiar with, since it contains several other fascinating documents.


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Iraneh Azad

Good Info!

by Iraneh Azad on

We will eventually win against these Anti Iranian animals.


Nazi's left a lot of documents behnid also

by pars35 on

Amazing, they actually left eveidence behind, just like WWII Nazis.



Nazi's left a lot of documents behnid also

by pars35 on

Amazing, they actually left eveidence behind, just like WWII Nazis.


Maryam Hojjat

Thanks FG

by Maryam Hojjat on

great info about this Haramzadeh e ARAB.



Link to Iran Human Rights Documentation Center

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Sorry.  I forgot to include this earlier.  




Yes, Yolanda, I think most Iranians can't wait for Khamenei to die.   Like I wrote earlier, his death will likely produce spontaneous celebrations while the need for a public funeral is going to put the regime in a nasty jam.  They can't cancel this one like other recent events.



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Thank you for the article! I hope no more slaughter and I also hope that the guy's lung cancer and prostate cancer metastasize quickly! We need Divine intervention on this! I can't believe this guy is still around while lung cancer killed Peter Jennings in 4 months! It is just not fair!