On the regime's latest summer morality campaign: Dumb and ill-Advised

by FG

If I were Iran's leaders (deeply under siege and so unpopular at home and extermally), the last thing I'd want right now is to add new enemies or motivate old ones in times like these. Yet sometimes I think that Iran's leaders are holding a contest entitled, "Can we invent new ways to appear as ugly and unattractive as possible?"

Read about the latest summer morality campaign here:


Youths make up the biggest segment of the populace in most muslim countries and always play a leading role in revolutions. During combat they are willing to take the most risks, as any military commander can tell you. No one hates the social police more than young people who take such laws personally (for good reason).

Most importantly, following any successful revolution today youths have a major impact in shaping decisions about what role model (Erdogan or Khamenei) any new but fragile Islamist party should choose assuming it values long-term stability and subsequent election victories.

In a blog post here yesterday I pointed out Turkey's insurmountable lead in attracting young (and old) muslims and looked at the reasons for it. Some readers may have missed it because I forgot that you'd can't edit here after a post appears on the front page. If you missed it, check out:

BLASTING AWAY: Turkey's economy is second only to China in economic growth. Where is Iran?



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To the Kyrgyzstan Finance Minister, a message of the "historic opportunity to develop a new economic management model for the world": “Today, the economic order and the capitalist administration dominant over the international arena have failed."

-- from Enduring America's daily Iran roundup

That's as if Boston's Cardinal Law were to pose as an expert on "How to protect your children from pedophiles."