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Manouchehr, a refime propangandist who has previously urged the execution of Moussavi and Karroubi, had been posting the following news item online as if he expected it would make Iranians jump for joy.

‘Reformist (Democracy) Front to name presidential candidate soon

All Elections will be rigged (as has been fact since 2004). So long as the Islamic Republic Exists, life can never get better, not even slightly. It follows that revolution, as in Syria, is the only hope of a brighter future.


A regime that continues to lie about 2009 obviously will not play fair in 2013.
A regime that continues to arrest, torture and imprison human rights spokesmen, reformers, journalists, minorities, etc., is hopeless.
A regime that continues to honor those who commit such crimes instead of prosecuting them is hopeless.

Any election in which the Guardian Council has a role cannot produce major reforms.


1. The Guardian Council pre-vets elections, only allowing "reform light."
2. If survivors of that vetting prove more serious about reform that thought, vote rigging will assure they don't win.
3. If the reform candidate got past the first two barriers, he'd face a hard-line Parliament whose election was pre-rigged by the Guardian Council earlier.
4. If serious reforms were passed anyway, , an ultra-reactionary Supreme Leader would simply veto them and form a death squad to target anyone who complained loudly.
5. Top generals in the IRCG and or plainclothes thugs (used for deniability) would assist in handling any further complaintants.
6. No free press would be allowed to expose things that needed reforming.
7. For any Iranian to vote in this environment would be to collaborate in regime crimes and to assist the regime in setting up a Potemkin Village-style fraud.



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I think people can read what I wrote below on their own

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

With out someone misrepresent what was said by me, inorder to put words in my mouth. 

FYI-I often rage against the IRI, that they did not come to power by themselves is the point.  The same players that bombed the Libyan army out of existence and imposed the Islamist extremists onto Libya were the exact same Neo-Colonial Countries that took out Iran not just in 1979, but for the last 33 years.

Your advice was funny. Get a life. Find a good woman. See a psychologist.  Daniel Boone's recipe for happiness was get a good gun, a good horse and a good woman.  So Where does Man's Best Friend fit into your advice? Do you know how sweet a dog or cat can make a home for both man and woman? 


FG, Great compilation of Information

by Azarbanoo on

Thanks for thise updates.



by Frashogar on

FSA = al-Qaeda. You can try to  explain and justify it however you want, but the bottom-line does not change however much the US government and the Western corporate media attempt to manage perceptions and put a wild cat back in the bag who ain't goin' in anymore.



by FG on

To be viable, his conspiracy theories must posit the improbable: an omnipotent CIA manipulating people with no minds of their own and who otherwise would have no complaints about their ruling dictators.  Since you can't prove these theories are not true, then they must be true. 

What triggers Amir's rage? Roundups of news items highlighing problems the Fraternal Twins (Assad and Khamenei) prefer to conceal.   In contrast to Amir, most Iranian enjoy seeing reading about their troubles.

Long ago I came up with two rival hypotheses: Either Amir is nuts or he was dispatched here by the ISI  to discredit the monarchists.  Reza P. would surely find Amir an embarassment.

How often have you seen Amir focus his attacks on the regime rather than the West.  I can't recall once.  If Amir were to poll Iranians on "Who is the #1 problem for Iran today?" he'd be shocked by their almost unanimous answer. Boiled down to essence, his theme goes:  "The USA and West are behind ALL problems in Iran and the Middle East. Otherwise life would be perfect and no one would have any grievance wirh ruling dictators, including Khamenei.

By coincidence that's what the Khamenei also contends: "Iranians loved Ahmadinejad in 2009 and elected him fair and square. Along came sneaky Americans with their lies about a rigged election, undoing Iranian happiness and causing demonstrations.  Iranians were manipulated as Syrians are being manipulated. All critics of Assad or Khamenei are US stooges."

Amir would agree with Ahaminejad's charge that Iran is facing droughts because the US has invented some mechanism for stealing its clouds.

Maybe Amir is simpy a nut, a stalker obscessed with the USA and the West.  He reminds me of some guy who complains that the neighbor next door is jinxing him with bad juju and sneaking into his house at night to dump poison in his their cereal boxes.  Let me offer advice: Get a life.  Find a good woman.  See a psychologist. 


To Rea re: Both sides do it? They differ in major respects.

by FG on

My problem with your position is that it suggests and "equality of evil," a line Assad likes to promote and is clearly false. 

That's a bit of a misrepresentation in respects that are inarguable and kind of a schoolmarish scolding coming from someone who has never engaged in war--especially against a genocidal regime where opposing soldiers see a regime's victims up front and where the latter are often known to the people who capture a security force HQ (I'm assuming you know what they do in such buildings but it is NOT combat).

I'm sure both sides have occasionaly engaged in the usual adreneline-driven shootings one finds in all wars.  Those may not be right but they are understandable.  These are not the sort of deaths at issue here.  What we are taling about are thousands of pre-meditated murders carried out on orders from the top.

Let's look at the major differences between the two sides.

1. Is there a deliberate policy of killing innocent  civilians.   Regime "yes.  FSA "No."

Note that women and children haven't only been killed by the regime's indiscrimate and retaliatory (or "make 'em pay) bombing.  Many have been executed close up.

2. Quantity of innocent civilians killed by regime vs. FSA 

Regime: Over 20,OOO.  FSA: The entire total is surely less than what Assad kils in one week.  In war you can't avoid killing some civilian.  The regime's total is much higher because it concentrates on doing so.

3.  Use of rape, torture, etc. as standard policy. Refime YES.  FSA no. 

There is no evidence the FSA has ever used rape as a weapon of war.  The closest they come to torture are a few cases where captives known to have engaged in awful crimes have been beaten and/or kicked.  Pleae don't equate that with regime's eye gouging, testicle removal or limb removal.  No, it's not "equal."

4. You treat the deaths of known war criminals as just as bad as the death of innocent civlians.  Few people would agree with you because your legalism defines human nauture.  

Many of the 25 who died were killed by men they tortured or whose families they were known to have tortured and worse.  Three incidents involved 25 victims are known (which does not say there are not more).

In the video you cite victims were security force torturers or shabiha who terrorized civilians. Another involved four high shabiha (far more could have been killed because they were also captured).  A third involving a known torturer tossed out of a window.  In all three cases those killed were known to have engaged in mass atrocities.

Would you really say concentration inmates who tore guards apart at the end of WWII were "just as guilty" as the SS.  Do you have any idea of the horric crimes those 25 known "victims" had committed?

I'm reminded of some leftists in the West who complain about drones killing terrorists we have no way to get otherwise and who will continue to kill Americans and westerners.  It beats sending troops, airplanes or apache helicopters which would cause far more casualties.  The woman offers no alternatives except "let the bad guys go so they can kill more of us." 

5. You  treat the FSA as if it were an organized, hierarchial army with full command and control, crimes ordered from the top, etc.  You should known better.

Unlike the Syrian army, the FSA consist of over 100 units who have operated separately up to the last two weeks.  Even now,  dozens of independent units who take orders from no one and act on their own.  Yet you seem to blame the whole opposition when they do something you don't like.

All three known instances involved Islamist brigades. In the last one, which you cited as proof the opposition was just as bad as Assad, mo one ever heard of the group involved before this incident, not even western journalist who have been in Syria.



FG on your Pro-USA-Empire views and beliefs

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It is the USA that loves Islamist extremists for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya etc.  The USA/UK are the engine behind speading anti-secular religous extremism. Since Suppression, Regression, Stifflng honest competition are their #1 goal, they are Neo-colonalist powers, helping with all elements of their power to spread corruption, tyranny, despotism, torture, poverty, drugs, prostitution, this is why the USA loves the IRI so much, they brought them to power and wish to keep their likes in power to achieve all of the above.  It is why the USA hated the late Shah so much, after delivering peace, progress, stability and human rights for Iran & the world, all of which the usa opposes. 

The USA started this policy, in the 1970's as it poisened the late shah, his prime minister(head of court) and personal doctor with cancer (acts he usa actively covers up today).  When the USA lied and used liars among Iranian anti-monarchists to misrepresent the late shah as a dictator, a depotic autocrat, corrupt and savak actively/widespread torturing iranians.  The painful truth is that these were and always will be known as lies used to deceive iranians to where they ended up today, traitors to a good king and country.  The other painful truth is that the majority of those fighting Assad are infact extremists and are infact armed with US made nato weapons.  This is what the late shah wanted to avoid for Iranias and caused him to leave Iran, so the illigitimate western manufactured revolution of 1979 would be known as that eventually and Iranias within Iran would one day be able to hadle the greatest traitors to Irans culture, the mullahs who sought personal power and money via politics. 

By the way I agree with most words of your article written above, excellent work, it could have been written by Reza Pahalvi, me or any other monarchist. kudo's for your effort and energy in getting out what monarchists have been saying all along.  Merci.


Don't take sides blindly, Frashogar

by Rea on

In fact, the link I posted seems rather fake, not genuine Reuters.  Just goes to show there is a lot of fabrication on both sides.


REVEALED: Tlass & 60,000 Syrian army defectors are Al Queda

by FG on

The revelation comes from Frashogar and MaryAnnJoon, both of whom love a Syrian government ruled by a party modeled on Hitler's Nazi Party.

This, of course, is what makes such claims so credible.  

Put that charge in the same bag with such whoppers as "the 2009 Iranian election was not rigged," "the whole world envies Iran's economy and wants to copy it," "the West is stealing Iran's rainclouds and causing its drought," "Morsi praised the Assad regime at the recent conference, and "Neda was murdered by her boyfriend, the doctor who tried to save her, oppositon protestors, etc. "


Taliban pose as women to befriend soldiers on facebook

by FG on


FSA = al-Qaeda

by Frashogar on

The American Empire's dependable rent-a-terrorist organization.



by Rea on


The above link is exactly what I meant by saying we do not know what's really going in Syria.


Syria is more violent than Iraq at its worse

by FG on


 Think of it this way. Syria has 64 percent of the population of Iraq. If the violence in Syria this August was repeated across a country the size of Iraq, 7,915 people would be expected to lose their lives each month.



Souri: You must be new here

by FG on

I often do roundups.  Usually I combine a bunch of roundup items in one or two subposts but some have said they'd prefer I separate them.  It also has the advantage that I can post new stuff immediately since organizing an all-in-one roundup post can take hours.

Whichever choice I make, notice how the material stays under one post to avoid spamming the site with separate lead posts.   The latter would be a legitimate grievance.


The timing of US Embassy attack in Cairo can be NO ACCIDENT

by FG on


The embassy attack comes just as Morsi is scheduled to visit the president in Washington.  Maybe there needs to be some firing and reassignments in Egypts police and security forces was tolerated and allowed to go on in order to embarass Morsi.  This one is not in his interest. 

No doubt also that the article reminding Americans of support by Morsi and other top Brotherhood officials for 9/11 denial theories is no accident either and intended to embarass him.   Obviously it comes from a pro-Israel think tank.

Nevertheless  Morsi deserves criticism on this point.  He pandered and knows better.  Obama must insist on a renuciation prior to Morsi's visit because Romney and the GOP are salivating at the chance to play up Morsi's position and embarass Obama poliricaly in a close election.  

Would most the Brotherhood, most Iranians and most Arabs prefer a Romney presidency?  No doubt Israel would.   This is why, even if Obama is so foolish as not to demand it in advance, Morsi must renounce his previous position and urge Egyptians to do likewise before his arrival.  

If he didn't know about the embassy attack and or why nothing was done to protect the embassy., he must ask why and look for those responsible for the lack of protection.


You post a blog and all of its 8 comments are from yourself?!!

by Souri on

Isn't it senseless?


Morsi: "Al Queda & Bin Laden did not do 9/11"

by FG on

Unlike Ahmadinejad and most Sunni Arabs, the majority of Iranians would not agree.


Getting Egypt’s Morsi to give up his 9/11 ‘truther’ talk



Morsi has not been shy about airing his odious views. In a May 2010 interview with Brookings Institution scholar Shadi Hamid, Morsi dismissed al-Qaeda’s responsibility for the attacks. “When you come and tell me that the plane hit the tower like a knife in butter, you are insulting us,” Hamid reported Morsi as saying...

In a series of interviews in July, top Brotherhood leaders repeatedly denied al-Qaeda’s responsibility for the attacks. Mustafa Ghoneimy, leader of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, said “the Jews” had executed the attacks. “So many Jews worked in these two towers,” he said. “And on that day, they were off.” Meanwhile, Brotherhood secretary general Mahmoud Hussein pinned the attacks on “one of the intelligence services in America, or the Jews.” Spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan speculated that “intelligence services” were behind the attacks, since “it is impossible for immature pilots to execute their ideas. It needs some professionalism to do it.”...

The Muslim Brotherhood’s 9/11 revisionism, however, coincides with the moment that Egypt’s ruling Islamists are going, hat in hand, to world capitals and international financial institutions. Egypt’s nearly bankrupt economy, decrepit institutions and declining domestic security situation have forced its leaders to seek help abroad. Yet the Brotherhood apparently believes that it can win support without adjusting its hateful rhetoric or ideology....

 Obama should condition any meeting with Morsi on the latter’s clear and public renunciation of 9/11 revisionism. This position would present Morsi with a stark choice: He can either repudiate the hate-filled conspiracies that he has helped to sow and reap the benefits of Obama’s embrace, or he can expose himself as an irresponsible ideologue with whom few members of the international community will want to deal. Failure to lay down a marker with Morsi before he comes to New York means Morsi may never have to make that choice.



Israel to US: "Don't try to stop us from bombing the IRI"

by FG on

Netanyahu: Without ultimatum, U.S. has no ‘moral right’ to stop Israel from attacking Iran


Signaling a deepening dispute with Washington over issuing ultimatums forIran’s nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that those who won’t make such demands on Tehran “don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.”

In a blistering response to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s statement that the United States is “not setting deadlines” for Iran and that negotiations coupled with sanctions are the best approach, Netanyahu said that if no “red line” is established for Iran, it will continue pursuing an atomic bomb.


Will Israel attack?

Given their total and deep belief that an Islamic Republic with nukes would not hesitate to gamble on a sneak nuclear attack on Israel, the chances Israel's hard-line leaders will do so seem better than even.  

Unfortunately Khamenei's loose cannon behavior against so many governments is what has embedded such a belief and gives it some crediblity?

Will the USA aid the attack?

No way.  It has done all it can to deter one which is why Netanyahu is furious at the Obama administration.  In the end Israel is a sovereign country whose leaders have minds of their own.

Will the IRI and Iranian nationalists here blame the USA anyway?

Will the rooster crow at dawn?  Does truth matter?   One may as well blame Netanyahu's opposition even it they too oppose an attack on the IRI.

As for myself, I'd support full-scale war on the mullocracy only if the IRI were to attack the USA, its forces or oilships or attempt to close the Strait of Hormuz.   I would not, however, oppose aiding an Iranian uprising if such aid is requested.    Recall Iran's assistane to attacks on US forces in Iraq and recall the attack on marine peacekeeping forces in Lebanon. 



Lebanese army frees 4 hostages from pro-Assad clan

by FG on

The four told a Lebanese television station they had been tortured when they were held by the armed wing of the Meqdad clan and were forced to confess they were rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.



Ahmadinejad: foreigners conspire to "destroy" Iran's rain clouds

by FG on

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accused his country's enemies of enacting a sinister plan to create a drought by somehow destroying the rain clouds before they reachIran, several Iranian websites reported on Tuesday.



Of course, anyone can invent any conspiracy theory and they do.  As evidence, Ahamdinejad will demand what conspiracy theorists always demand, "You can't prove you didn't."

There's a good reason why law in the USA puts the burden of proof on the prosecution, not the defendant: You can't prove the negative.  It's impossbile.  


Egyptians scale US embassy over film about Mohammed

by FG on


Egyptian protesters scaled the walls of the U.S. embassy in Cairo on Tuesday and pulled down the American flag during a protest over what they said was a film being produced in the United States that insulted Prophet Mohammad, witnesses said.



I. If, like Iran, the Egyptian government allows mob attacks on embassies, the US should close its embassies in Egypt and send Egyptian diplmomats packing.

2. The US government must issue a warning alert discouraging American tourist in Egypt where extreme Salafists are likely to target them.

3. Democracies cannot censor films, news, etc. legally and no foreign mobs can force the government to violate the first amendment.  

4. Censorhip of views you don't like is the first step toward tyranny.  (See Iran, Syria, Russia, etc.). 


Syrian Army defectors say rebels have an edge

by FG on

Former Syrian Army soldiers now fighting with the rebels say government troops are well-armed but demoralized, and that soldiers are increasingly conflicted about fighting for the regime



Fars say "Scientists prove 9/11 never happened"

by FG on

Fars marks the 11th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon with pictures, videos, and this conclusion: "Scientists with highly scientific experiments have been successful in raising doubts about the authenticity of the event."


"Another dumb IRI lie" angers Egypt

by FG on

The new Eyptian government is quickly learning why no one trusts this regime. How any embarrasig lies has the IRI, its politicians and press fostered about Morsi since he took office?

I suppose the real purpose is at home--to convince Iranians that "things are not as bad as they are" and to provide "evidence" that life is getting better. 

 Egypt rejects claim by Iranian Minister of Oil Rustam Qassemi that Cairo is in talks to buy Tehran's crude.

The Iranian Students News Agency reported Qassemi's comments on Monday.

"All that has been published on negotiations being held for Egypt to buy Iranian oil is completely devoid of truth," Egyptian Oil Minister Osama Kamal said. "I can confirm that the Egyptian Petroleum Ministry has not entered into this type of negotiation before, and all that has been said on the matter is totally untrue."