Is the regime that blind to how badly its censorship efforts are failing?


by FG

I sent the following three questions to Iran's Supreme Leader via his home site.  I always wonder whether anyone reads these things since you never get a response.


Three Questions for the Supreme Leader:

QUESTION #1: Knowing what you know now and assuming you could go back in time and prevent Ahmadinejad from cheating Moussavi out of his election victory, wouldn't you and the regime be much stronger today with Moussavi as president?

QUESTION #2: Do you have any idea how totally your attempts to censor information about your regime's crimes have been? 

QUESTION #3: If "yes" then why continue since it's main effect to increase public scorn and mockery?

CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING EVIDENCE OF HOW WIDELY YOUR CENSORSHIP IS FAILING: If people were truely happy with your regime, no one--neither foreigners or domestic politivians--could stir them up so easily, so fervantly and in such mass numbers?  It is your policies, as carried out by Ahmadinejad, the IRCG and the Basilj, that have driven the people to this point.   


Yesterday spouse had a phonecall from friends who were on holiday in a safe place out of Iran, and so they could talk freely.

They live in a small town near Isfahan and they were buzzing with news.
In the town where they live, no one talks openly about what is going on, but everyone knows! The satellite signals are constantly interfered with, they go down for a few hours, but very quickly get back up again. So they get VOA and BBC, so they know about the demonstrations etc etc.

They said the biggest change is that the fear is well and truly gone, and that people are determined to get total change. That there is an air of expectancy everywhere.

I asked spouse to tell them about the UN, the protests, the empty hall everything. Spouse said "they already know, they have seen it all!"

They have no access to the internet where they are, but through the satellites they know what's what. So the regime trying to show football matches in B&W etc etc is just laughable!



Thank you for posting this Roe Lassie, we have recieved similar reports on the weekend from our family (who are also on hols out of the country), they from a small populated place and they have no problem getting information. Information is spreading like wildfire. Vidoes & reports from the internet are even bluetoothed to each other and Satalite TV tells everything. I wanted to tell them so much but in the end they knew about everything. One thing they mentioned was the underground newspapers that have a wide distribution.

For my family too there is a feeling that change is in the air and they believe it is coming soon.

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