Recent video offers great opportunity to hasten the regime's fall with YOUR help.


by FG

Most readers here are viscerally aware of Khamenei's crimes.  It is easy to forget that most non-Iranians have far less knowledge.  Even in Iran you can find some people who persist in supporting the regime out of genuine belief.  Previously they accepted regime lies about the opposition at face value.   The good news is that many such people are having second thoughts.  What is the best way to encourage that trend?  

This evil regime cannot go soon enough.  Three things would accelerate its downfall: 1. Acquisition of pariah status in Arab Spring countries (least essential); 2. A substantial drop in remaining domestic support (critical) and 3.  the working class and greens unite (critical).  I ignore the third issue in this post.  My interest is a recent Rape and Torture video from PBS and its potential for undermining the regime at home and abroad.  

Most estimates put support for the regime now at 20 to 25 percent--a huge drop since the day before the rigged presidential election.   The smaller element in that group (a bit over 5 percent of the populace) cosists of opportunists--a nomenklatura class common to all ideological dictatorships.   Its members repeat standard doctrine endlessly but don't believe a word they say.  Ideology serves as a cover for legitimacy. The nomenklatura's sole interest is to acquire or preserve wealth, power or both.  Its members care not a fig how many people the regime stomps.  

Recently Iran's nomenklatura has subdivided into two factions -- ultranationalists led by Ahmadinejadi and a stronger clerical-security force alliance led by Khamenei.   The best historical parallel would be a struggle between the sadistic KGB head ( Laurentia Beria) and a party/military alliance after Stalin's death in 1953.    Beria lost and was executed.  In Nazi Germany. a similar struggle ended with the murder of Ernst Roehm and 400 SA officers on the Night of the Long Knives in Nazi Germany.   Both suggest Ahmadinejad's potential fate.   However, Khamenei needs Ahmadinejad for now and the latter knows and exploits it.   For Mahmoud ma well be a life-or-death matter.

Iran differs from Soviet/Nazi historical parallels in three respects. First, its populace is far more alienated.  Secondly, the Iranian economy is deep decline while the Soviet/Nazi economies were  ascending.  Thirdly, the largest element in the regime's support (one-time fervent believers) are now plagued by doubts.  Like Soviets under Breshnev in the late eighties and after decades of similar optimism, the Iranian people have grasped that--so long as this regime remains--they are on a "a road to nowhere."    Now--like the Catholic faithful in the time of the Bad Popes, Khameneis faithful find themselves inundated by blatant evidence of injustice, wrongdoing, incompetence and corruption.   Flom childhood, such people naively regarded clerics as  moral and trustworthy.   How much longer can they kid themselves?   In the name of Islam, once Holy Heroes have committed endless obscenities and show no inclination to stop.

Today the regime rests atop rotten boards.  Popular legitimacy has been tossed away for good after two years of immense (unislamic?) crimes.  Given that environment I believe a strategic use of the Rape and Torture video can help kick in the remaining foundations.  All wavering believers need is a healthy dose of vivid, direct and incontrovertible evidence to complete their conversion. We must find a way to get this video into every Iranian household.  Iranians living in America may then recall parallels to the rapid fall of certain fundamentalist TV  evangelists (Jim and Tammy Baker, Jimmy Sweigert) after being caught in flagrante delecto.   Look therm up online.


In the video Iranian women describe how they were snatched off the street, beaten, subjected to daily rape by numerous Khamenei interrogators, urinated on and tortured with by having lit cigarettes pressed all over their body.  Ironically one of the Khamenei regime's claims to legitimacy is that it "protects female virtues."   Who do you think most watchers will find credible--the women or regime spokesmen denying such crimes.  Link to the video:


"You gotta see this!" is part of the natural reaction after watching that video.  Such things can happen--and persist--unless Khamenei approves. The man is a control freak.   In its combination of repulsiveness and hypnotic intensity, the rape and torture video recalls "The Human Centipede" (sequel banned in Britain.  Again look it up online) with Khamenei cast as the crazy doctor and Iranian women trapped end-to-end in his human chain.  To excuse Iran's "Supreme Moral Exemplar" would be like arguing that "Stalin had no idea that gulags  and purges existed" or that "Milosevic didn't know about Omarska and Srebrenica."   If he (they) knew, he (they) would have put a stop to it.   Yeah, right!


Show the video to non-Iranian friends (classmates, co-workers, women especially).  Post links to the video on blogs and facebook sites of Arab Spring protestors to warn them of the dangers of Islamist rule and cut off at the knees any Khamenei visions of potential allies.


1. The central goal is to see that virtually every household in Iran sees the video.  

2. Watch the video by any means available to you.

3. Create multiple copies on DVD.  Include these directions on your DVD.

4. Remove all traces from personal computers.  Place all copies in an external location not linked directly to you.  That includes any personal copy you may have reserved for further duplication later.  

5. To encourage disaffection, distribute some copies to pro-regiome households and business on whom the regime depends for rank-and- file security forces.  

6. Place CD's in an evelope and toss over a fence at night, or stick in a mail slot or leave in a restroom toilet.  Never leave fingerprints.

7. Use the same anonymous procedure when passing a copy to friends.   If they are picked up by security thugs, they can't reveal what they don't know.  

8. Feel free to include on your DVD's any other videos of your choice (beatings or murder of protestors, attacks on mosques and homes of clerics who question the regime's brutality , plainclothes attacking on funeral or mourning mothers, etc.) but always give first place to the Rape and Torture Video.


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