PROOF: Supreme Liar's Promise to Punish Torture, Rape & Murder Was a Stall for Time


by FG

Khamenei's sole purpose was to stall while the regime seized and/or elinated embarassing evidence and witnesses while he and his thugs prepared for an even more blatant crackdown.  Khamenei figures that pardoning a few victims at the end of Ramadan will pacify most of the Iranian people and win back their affections.


Khamenei has allowed all of the following new crimes since while remaining noticeably silent.  Where an absolute leader exists, none of this could happen without his approval:

--Attempts to eliminate evidence and witnesses

--Arrest and torture of children of top reformers.

--Arrest of key officials close to top reformers.

--His new prosecutor is playing the same role as the previous criminal in issuing warrants.

--Victims of show trials remain in his jails.

--More victims continue to be seized.

--Hundreds achieved earlier remain unaccounted for.   Many are probably dead or are being kept until physical evidence of torture can be removed.

--Neda's finance remains in jail, while Khamenei's regime seeks a doctor/witness.

--Threats and worst against other doctors and health officials who know what was done to protestors.

--Removal of bodies in mass graves and of cemetary officials and forced recantation of medical examiner.

--He has allowed tens of thousands of similar crimes over the past 20 years--long before anyone heard of Ahmadinejad.

--His "investigators"  are already claiming that there is "no evidence" of prison rapes (male and female) on the assumption the regimes raids and intimidation will suceed in eliminationg evidence.   These investigators are about as trustworthy as the  Guardian Council in its earlier "investigation" of election fraud.


1. The election was not rigged.

2. If the election was rigged, "I had nothing to do with it."

3.  The huge turnout "proved the system was working" by demonstrating the people's love for Khamenei's increasingly totalitarian state.

3.  Despite such love, foreigners somehow managed to turn people against Khamenei and the Islamic Republic overnight, causing three million to turn out spontaneously a day later.

4.  Given a tightly controlled police state with reformers everywhere, it remains a puzzle how foreigners could achieve such a thing overnight.


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by yolanda on

I did not know that Caspian Makan is in jail! It is soooo sad! I watched a BBC interview of him several weeks ago. //

I was wondering what is going to happen next? arresting Neda's mom? AN said that he will conduct an investigation of Neda's death. It is all BS!!!! The guy has no sincerity!


P.S. The break will come when Khamanei dies. I can't wait!