Potential opposition tactics to give the regime nightmares


by FG

Nothing destroys a regime's sense of invulnerability and being in control as much as satire and mockery.  Thus Iranians chortled when demonstrations wiped their shoes on a poster containing Sayyed Ali Khamenei's photo and when a police van with graffiti praising opposition leaders drove up.   Both incidents lifted people's spirits and made the identical point: public attitudes after changed--deeply and irreversibly-- over the last five weeks because of the regime's ugly tactics. 

Hardline advisors surely did their best to assure that isolated El Bozo Supremo heard nothing about either incident ("Most people still love you," blah, blah).   The man lives in denial.  Perhaps it is time the people woke the creep up in ways that can't be stopped or missed.   

POSTERS OF REGIME FIGURES: Fill the town with Khamenei posters with a big green X-drawn over his mug.  Other recommended modifications include a small photo of a victim in a lower corner and sufficient space at top for indiviuals to express their mood:   "My Islamic Republic is very popular" (mockery) or "Wanted for Murder" (accusation).   Fair game also includes thugs like Taeb (known rapist), Mojtaba (aka "Little Caligula"), Jannati, Ahmad Khatami, Jafari, Mesbah Yadzi, etc.

PERSONAL EXPRESSION: Wear green on every possible occasion.  Include a small button featuring Neda's picture.  Use green ink only in pens, especially when signing any government document.   If people do this by the millions, it is hard to stop.

MUSIC AND POETRY: Why not a Farsi version of "La Marseillaise"--the most stirring revolutionary marching song ever written?: "Arise children of the fatherland, the day of glory has arrived. March on!  March on!  ("Allons enfants de la patrie, la jour de gloire est arrive.  Marchons, marchons.")  It's a great way to encourage a sense of unity and brotherhood among demonstrators.   That's what anthems do.

GET THAT CURRENCY!: Anyone can express yourself on a thug's face while it's so hard to prevent.  The state cannot afford to declare its owncurrency invalid.  Such a threat would be mocked as people quadrupled their slogans and vied for creativity.   

GRAFFITI: "Bomb" every PUBLIC restoom, sidewalk, buses, trucks, street, hallway, wall and rock.  Repeat as soon as possible after cleanups.   Anyone who tags Basilj-infersted mosques or government buildings and vehicles rates a "10."  At least one police vehicle featured slogans praising opposition leaders on Nov. 4th to cheer up demonstrators.  
Known thugs, especially Basilj commanders and anyone identified beating the people make great targets for graffiti.   

WHAT TO DO WITH BASILJ WHO HAVE BEEN I.D.'d IN SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR: On November 4th at least one Basilj who beat a woman was idenfitied.  His name and address have been made known. The best way to deal with the guy now isn't violence (it merely closes ranks) but shame (it demoralizes).   Folks whose opinion the thug may value value--his neighbors, his family members, a girl friend) need to see a copy of the video and the ID.

IF YOU CAN'T CONTROL THEIR ANGER: Save some "leftovers" after the next trip to the bathroom.   The smiling faces of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad on murals and highway signs plead for your attention.


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Right on.

by pedro on

Right on FG. lets keep up the pressure. Never never give up. The paper money idea is great, they are not going to wash them one by one.